The strange video that imagines an iPhone of 2021 — 2022

As strange as it may seem, we live a few very calm days regarding rumors of the iPhone 12, which could have itspresentation eventwithin a few weeks. Perhaps this fact and knowing almost everything about this device has been the main motivation that has led a designer to imagine what next year's iPhone will be like. All this in a video in which we can appreciate the details of its design. We analyze it below, although we already warned that it is a very risky bet.

Concept of an iPhone 12c

Over the last few years we have seen s versions of the iPhone, as well as two versions of the SE (Special Edition) and even an XR version in 2018. Only in 2013 did we see a c version of the iPhone 5, which brings back bad memories both Apple and many users. That phone looked strange with its colorful plastic materials, components from previous generations and a price that was not quite affordable. Perhaps this caused the company to reject that nomenclature altogether for its future phones. However from the PHConcepts YouTube channel have published a concept Ezequiel Stetie in which they imagine what a variant of this phone could look like in 2021.

It should be noted, as we have already indicated, that it is still a simple concept based on imagination of the designer and under no circumstances is it based on rumors or anything similar. However, this does not mean that we can see this video with some curiosity. Removing that we are not shown possible specifications either, the first thing we see is a unprecedented dual-chamber design which in a way is reminiscent of the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, but in this case a little further from the upper left corner, more bulky and with the flash and microphone moved to the right.

For a few thousandths of a second we can observe the completely frameless screen , this being probably one of the most differential factors of any phone. The designer perhaps did not dare to go further in showing it or perhaps he wanted to reserve his thoughts regarding the front panel for a future. In any case, it does allow us to see flat side edges with a new button format, the first being something that the new iPhones will have from this year.

Despite the fact that there has been information and patents for months that already suggest aspects of the 2021 iPhone, such as the elimination of charging ports, it really is too early to know for sure what they will be like. It is therefore understandable that videos like this arise in which, rather than giving a prediction, it is about capturing a wish or vision in a render. We do not believe that Apple could release a new version c of its iPhone next year, nor do we believe that this design could be close. In any case, we always like to discover the work of designers who are perhaps not so well known.

And you, what do you think of this iPhone 12c concept? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.