The essential iPhone and iPad apps if you are an architect — 2022

Applications are responsible for giving us much more productivity on a day-to-day basis. Not only in the personal sphere but also in the workplace. There are many tools that are included for a specific profession to work more comfortably. This time we are going to focus on those essential apps for any architect.

What do you have to look for in an app of this type?

Both the iPhone and the iPad are two devices capable of giving architects really fantastic tools to be able to develop more comfortably. The advances that both Apple devices have had both in terms of cameras and processor power have made them become two work tools for many professionals in the sector. On the one hand, the LiDAR sensor together with the power of the iPhone and iPad has made it possible for them to have a three-dimensional view of the entire environment. On the other hand, the iPad together with the Apple Pencil has provided a fantastic element for sketching with a high level of precision. In short, both the iPhone and the iPad are really usable in the world of architecture, but for this they also need the contributions of the developers, who put fantastic applications on the App Store. Next, we leave you a series of requirements that you have to take into account to choose the app that you are going to use.

    precisionwhen drawing it is vital to be able to carry out different sketches, maps or simply write down distances.
  • If what you want is to carry out sketches, count on a great variety of brushes and pencils It is very important to be able to adapt its use according to the need you have.
  • Please note if the App has been optimized for iPad or iPhone .
  • do Apple Pencil ? Without a doubt, it is a fantastic tool, make sure that the app is compatible.
  • The price It is a determining element, if the app is paid, make sure that you are going to take advantage of it, if not, you always have the option of returning before the 14-day trial is up.
  • When making maps sensor LiDAR is able to offer you fantastic accuracy to recognize the entire environment, check that the app uses it.
  • Count on cloud sync It is very important, especially when working within a team with the same application.

Apps to make 3D maps

One of the most common uses for architects of both the iPhone and the iPad is to make three-dimensional maps. For this, as we have mentioned before, the LiDAR sensor is of tremendous importance since it is the main one in charge of ensuring that the recognition of the environment is as faithful as possible to reality, achieving very precise results. Fortunately, this sensor is present in both iPhone and iPad, so you can use both devices with the following apps to create 3D maps.

Morpholio Trace

Morpholio Trace

All-in-one architecture and design app. It integrates a drawing tool that allows you to easily develop all your ideas in layers. That is why it is suitable for a wide range of design professions thanks to all the possibilities it offers. But if you don't want to create from scratch you can also draw on the maps, photographs or background templates.

With all this in short, you will be able to create the different maps with your own finger or with the Apple Pencil in the case of having to use the iPad. Added to this is also the possibility of viewing all the work you have done in 3D, ideal for designing specific parts such as a ladder by pulling the different options provided by the vision.

Morpholio Trace - CAD Sketch Morpholio Trace - CAD Sketch Descargar QR-Code Morpholio Trace - CAD Sketch Developer: Morpholio LLC

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D

Intuitive and feature-packed home design app that any professional can take advantage of. Its main features include the ability to create detailed 2D floor plans with spectacular real-time 3D rendering. In this way you will be able to see everything you are creating materialized and even show it to your clients.

The latter is important since thanks to augmented reality you will be able to walk around or inside everything you have created. It integrates tools to draw complete rooms or the 2D vector representation of the furniture. In real time, the necessary dimensions of walls, ceilings and floors can be made when drawing on a 2D plan.

Live Home 3D: House Design Live Home 3D: House Design Descargar QR-Code Live Home 3D: House Design Developer: Belight Software, ltd



Every architect knows the AutoCAD program as it is a basic work tool to carry out their tasks on a day-to-day basis. This mobile tool allows you to edit and view DWG files to be able to use editing tools in order to work on the plans you have created.

In addition, you can also create new drawings on the fly. Added to this is the possibility of making precise measurements in situ on the map or moving and rotating objects as well as editing their scale. All of this can be done offline so you can take AutoCAD on any device and use it in any situation.

AutoCAD AutoCAD Descargar QR-Code AutoCAD Developer: Autodesk Inc.

Home Design 3D

With Home Design 3D designing and remodeling your home in 3D has never been so fast and intuitive. It is completely accessible to any user, and the application is a great reference in interior design. In this case you are going to create designs, furnish the house and easily decorate the house that you are going to present to any of your clients. In addition, it will be possible to share it with a community of more than 80 million people, including different architects.

The first thing to do with the app is to design your floor plan in 3D or 3D, drawing the layout, rooms, and dividers. Change the height and thickness of the walls creating even the corners. To this is also added the option of adding doors and windows with completely variable size carpentry pieces. Within the furniture that can be done, you will find a large number of different options that adapt to the personal taste of each of your clients so that in the end they can feel this as their future home.

Home Design 3D Home Design 3D Descargar QR-Code Home Design 3D Developer: Whatever

Keyplan 3D

This is presented as the best solution to improve and design the home of your clients' dreams. The application will help you in everything you need to reach the final goal. It is a home and interior designer that is based on a unique technology that offers features never seen before, based on the App Store. It is a simple, intuitive, useful and fun app. It allows to design, build and think about the entire structure of a future home with all the necessary elements.

Behind Keyplan 3D there is an advanced technology that allows you to create all kinds of shapes imaginable, paint, decorate and place more than 350 unique furniture and objects completely free of charge. In addition, the creation will be able to be shared in different formats, as well as in a 3D rendering on social networks or with your clients.

Keyplan 3D - Home Design Keyplan 3D - Home Design Descargar QR-Code Keyplan 3D - Home Design Developer: Quasarts LLC

Make your sketches with these applications

Sketching is a daily task in the life of an architect and both iPhone and iPad have the right features for it. In the case of the iPhone, since it has a smaller screen, it is more common to use it to make quick and inaccurate sketches. On the other hand, the iPad together with the Apple Pencil does offer what is necessary to be able to create authentic works of art and it is a professional tool that many architects use on a daily basis.

AutoDesk SketchBook


This application believes in the creativity of each person. It all starts with a simple idea that you may have for a new project to be able to make different sketches. You have fast and powerful creative drawing tools so you can unleash all your creativity.

In order to help you in the drawing process, a series of grids are also added that you can customize to your liking. In this way, the fact of drawing a sketch of a simple map can be much easier as it does not have lines that are crooked or that is not clear at all. Added to this, of course, is the option of entering your own handwritten notes.

Sketchbook® Sketchbook® Descargar QR-Code Sketchbook® Developer: Sketchbook, Inc



Always carry a sketchbook with you thanks to this application. You can easily doodle whatever comes into your head wherever you are so your ideas don't get lost. They include an important set of very complete design tools so that you do not lack absolutely anything.

All this work is always synchronized with your cloud account so you don't lose it and you can have it available on numerous platforms. This will allow you to have a more adequate workflow in order to organize yourself with the rest of your colleagues or in the office.

Concepts Concepts Descargar QR-Code Concepts Developer: TopHatch, Inc.



One of the best applications to create your 2D map sketches. You will integrate rooms thanks to the editing tool to finally form your ideal floor plan. Added to this is also the possibility of integrating different appliances so that the maps are much more complete in terms of distribution.

To have much clearer ideas, you can always add photos of the reality you want to edit and even take your own notes. In this way you will be able to work anywhere to capture your ideas to structure them later when you go to work in front of professional map editing and construction programs.

magicplan magicplan Descargar QR-Code magicplan Developer: Sensopia

Apps for joint architecture projects

Usually within an architecture project not a single person works, but rather a team made up of several components. The applications that we are going to talk about next provide the opportunity for all team members to have access to the work done in each of them and to carry out their tasks together.

A360: View CAD files


Application specially designed for architects and engineers. It allows you to view 2D and 3D CAD models so you can load and view any type of file regardless of the software. There are many formats that are supported in this application and you can also isolate and view the properties of any object in detail.

What is really interesting about this application is the possibility of inviting other people to join the project that is in progress. This makes it possible to work together and talk about the same issue with knowledge of everything that is happening. Without a doubt, it is essential in any work team.

A360: View CAD files A360: View CAD files Descargar QR-Code A360: View CAD files Developer: Autodesk Inc.

CAD Pockets

CAD Pockets

This is an application whose main objective is the fact of collaborating between several members in the same project. Simply upload a compatible file and invite everyone in your studio to collaborate on the same file.

In addition to being able to view these files, there is also the possibility of editing them or taking annotations. The editing and creation tools are quite good as it allows you to easily enter different geometric shapes. It also includes different dimensions such as aligned, radial or angular among others.

CAD Pockets - Mobile CAD CAD Pockets - Mobile CAD Descargar QR-Code CAD Pockets - Mobile CAD Developer: ZWCAD Software Co.,Ltd.



Project communication tool between different colleagues or with clients. In this way you can save yourself the fact of having to print the plans since it can be easily uploaded in this application. It is compatible with all projects that have different 3D structures as well as 2D planes.

It includes a super fast 2D documentation viewer as well as various drawing plotting and measurement tools. Building components can have information extracted from BIM. It is fully compatible with AirPrint as well as Google Cardboard VR to optimize project viewing.

BIMx BIMx Descargar QR-Code BIMx Developer: Graphisoft SE