The essential apps to sign documents on iPhone and iPad — 2022

On a day-to-day basis, you have to sign many documents, especially if you work surrounded by papers at work. Thanks to technology, it is no longer necessary to always have them printed to sign them with a pen and then send them. Right now there are many applications to perform this operation digitally on both the iPhone and the iPad. In this article we tell you the best options that can be found in the App Store.

Is it legal to sign documents with an iPhone?

One of the big questions that may come to mind when using these applications is whether it is totally legal. The documents that are signed must be legal so that they can have the necessary validity for it. And the truth is that many of these applications contain the necessary standards to be able to have an electronic certificate that gives you the guarantees of authentication before the different organisms.

This means that you can always save the process of printing, signing and scanning to be able to send it. Although on some occasions the digital signature may be required through the electronic DNI or the official certificate of some organization, although for the more traditional procedures with these applications it will be more than enough.

Sign on your iPhone or iPad comfortably



Application that allows you to sign all the documents you need in a very simple way. You will be able to sign, fill out and send any document format including PDF, Word, Excel among others. But it does not stay with the documents that you have stored locally on the iPhone or iPad, but also extends to cloud services. You will be able to access Dropbox or Google Drive to be able to download them and have them signed and filled out.

But what is really interesting is being able to have access to the remote signature, being able to send documents to another person who also has the application so that they can sign them comfortably. In addition, with the synchronization through the SignEasy account, you can have all the documents on any device where you log in.

SignEasy- sign and fill docs SignEasy- sign and fill docs Descargar QR-Code SignEasy- sign and fill docs Developer: Glykka LLC

Adobe Fill & Sign

Adobe Fill

Free proprietary Adobe application that will help you quickly fill out and sign any type of document. But it is not only limited to those digitized documents, but you can also take a photo of a piece of paper to fill it out with the iPhone or iPad and sign it electronically.

It prevails above all for the sobriety of the application, limiting itself to its main function of signing documents and being able to send them to anyone. In this way you can forget about the scanner since with the application and your finger or the Apple Pencil if you are on the iPad you can easily make a signature, saving you a lot of time.

Adobe Fill & Sign Adobe Fill & Sign Descargar QR-Code Adobe Fill & Sign Developer: Adobe Inc.



Use the app to be able to digitally sign PDF documents from your iPhone or iPad without ads or subscriptions. You can select the document from the device's local storage or grab it directly from iCloud. Once this is done, you can sign with your own finger or with the Apple Pencil in the box that will appear easily.

When you have signed you can place your signature wherever you want in the document and adjust the size and its own dimensions. In addition, it can be configured with e-Signature, guaranteeing the legal validity of the signature when you go with your own personal credentials. In this way, any official body will be able to accept your document signed in this way.

Simple and legal signature SIGNply Simple and legal signature SIGNply Descargar QR-Code Simple and legal signature SIGNply Developer: Edatalia Data Solutions SL



Application that is designed for large employees with the aim of sharing documents with colleagues. Anyone can send you a document to sign just as you can do the same task yourself. The interface quickly shows the tasks that you have pending to sign and why so that you always know what you are dealing with.

Once you enter the signature you can easily choose where you want to place it and if there are several people who are going to sign the document you can easily label them. The shipment is made through email as well as through the different cloud services with which it is linked, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The problem is that if you want to send unlimited documents you will have to get a premium subscription.

DocuSign - Document Signing DocuSign - Document Signing Descargar QR-Code DocuSign - Document Signing Developer: DocuSign



Sign and send documents for free to this simple application that is compatible with PDF or Word files, among many others. All the documents that you have uploaded to the application will give you the possibility to invite other people so that they can be easily signed. You will only have to enter the email of the person you are interested in to do the same operation.

The signature system is fully customizable, quickly adding the signature where you want as well as the type of stroke you need. It is fully compatible with electronic signature systems in order to have the best guarantees in terms of security. Added to this is the advantage of having a totally offline option in which an internet connection is not required to sign documents.

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PDF element

In addition to being one of the best cross-platform PDF file managers, it is also an ideal tool for signing documents. As its name suggests, it is designed above all for signing files in PDF format in a really efficient way. You simply have to choose where you want to insert it and make the path inside the box that will appear, being able to do it with your finger or with the Apple Pencil.

The only problem that can arise is that to enjoy all the features you need to have a subscription to increase productivity. Obviously, in addition to signing, you can also fill in all the forms you have in front of you.

PDFelement Lite -PDF Editor PDFelement Lite -PDF Editor Descargar QR-Code PDFelement Lite -PDF Editor Developer: Wondershare Technology Group Co.,LTD



Application that has endless tools to work with all PDF files. One of them is the possibility of filling out the forms and signing them digitally with your own signature that can be stored in the application itself so that it can be reused in the future.

Once it has been signed, you will be able to send it through different platforms. This includes email or uploading it to the clouds to share it with other people. The problem is that you can't quickly share with colleagues like you can in some of the apps we've discussed.

iLovePDF- PDF Editor and Scanner iLovePDF- PDF Editor and Scanner Descargar QR-Code iLovePDF- PDF Editor and Scanner Developer: iLovePDF



Application that has a very simple functionality. It will allow you to make your signature in a comfortable way in a box that has different design tools. Among these you can find the thickness of the section or the colors you want to have. But it does not have an integrated document manager to be able to integrate the signature that you have made with the application.

What you can do with the signature you have created is export it as an image to your cloud or email. In this way you will be able to copy and paste it in any document in an easy way to sign it without having to pass the document through an application. Something quite simple and useful but that does not have any authentication standard.

iFirma iFirma Descargar QR-Code iFirma Developer: Fluocode



If you have to fill out and sign forms, this is your ideal application to do it wherever you are. In addition to filling in all the fields that are automatically detected, you will also be able to sign them comfortably with all the signatures you want and that you will have stored. Once you make one, it is registered so that you can use it again in future forms.

When you have filled it in correctly, you will be able to share it through the means you need, such as uploading it to the cloud or sending it via email. Although you can also print it once it is filled out through AirPrint technology.

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