The dumbest CarPlay mistake has to do with your iPhone — 2022

Electronic devices and their systems, no matter how good they are, can end up throwing some kind of failure. There are serious ones that compromise the security of the terminal and your data, others that prevent the correct use of it, demanding a repair, and some specific ones that have a solution that is as simple as it is stupid. Precisely in the latter would be cataloged themost common failure of CarPlay.

And it is that, the system that some vehicles have to connect to the iPhone can bring real headaches to the user. In fact, there are many cases in which people have been alarmed by being unable to use CarPlay without realizing that the solution to the problem was simpler than they imagined.

Siri, you are to blame for the misfortune

The poor Apple assistant has been receiving criticism lately for his often inefficient stock management system. Its competition with other smart assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant is very tough. However, like it more or less, it is the one that is best integrated into the Apple ecosystem and more specifically with the iPhone and CarPlay.

siri without internet

In fact, the integration and importance of the assistant is such that it is precisely because of him that this common failure occurs in CarPlay that we have been talking about. And, as absurd as it may seem, Siri must be activated to ensure not only the correct operation of the vehicle's navigation system, but also to simply connect the iPhone to it. Referring, of course, to whether we want to use CarPlay.

But how important is the assistant?

Well, beyond that for Apple it is the best and wants to have it present in as many systems as possible, the truth is that the importance of the assistant in CarPlay is definitive. We must not forget that in the end it is a system designed for use in a car, with all the dangers that this implies due to possible distractions.

Based on this, from Apple they want the system to be as secure as possible and prevent us from interacting directly with the finger on the screen, since this would imply a greater driving hazard . Therefore, the use of voice commands through Siri is fundamental and logically they cannot be carried out if we have it deactivated.


So, if you are having problems with this system, perhaps the first thing you should check is that you have Siri activated on the iPhone. And hey, we can understand that you may not like this type of system or more specifically Siri's, but if you want to use CarPlay without a problem, this is the only way you will have to do it.