The design of the iPhone 14 in images and 7 months before — 2022

Of all the iPhone 14 that could arrive, it is the 'Pro' models that are starring in all the rumors. Its design is giving a lot to talk about and, although very disruptive changes are not expected, we could be facing the first major modification of the front since 2017 with the notch removal (in the '13' it was already reduced). That is why we attend renders made by expert designers and that are inspired by rumours.

What is known about its design?

As you probably already know, the existence of the notch has its origin in being able to integrate well the sensors that make Face ID possible. In these years Apple has not managed to reduce this system enough, but it seems that by 2022 they could have managed to minimize it to the maximum.

The main analysts point to a design of the front with a pill-shaped hole in screen . There are those who even bet on a round hole for the front camera and another in the form of a pill for the sensors. Well, all this appears in the images created by different designers and that you can see below.

As is evident, they are not real images of the final design, no matter how well achieved they are. And it is that Apple has not revealed it yet and will not do so for a few months. However, it is precisely in these first months of the year that details of the design like this begin to be known more accurately and, except for surprise, it does not seem that the final model is going to change too much.

Concept of ld_vova

Concept of ld_vova

Concept by RendersbyIan

On the other hand, iPhone 14 standard Yes, they could maintain a form factor and design almost identical to that of the '13', keeping the notch and with that diagonal camera arrangement. For them we also have several conceptual images.

Concept of EverythingApplePro

What we will have to wait to meet him

It is September the month to which everything points. In recent years, and with the exception of 2020, which was delayed to October, it has been the month chosen by Apple tointroduce their new iPhone. Therefore, and barring unforeseen events, we will still have to wait 7 months to meet them.

The specific date is unknown and will remain so until a week before the event. Usually it is in the second week of this month, around the 15th. Looking at the calendar, Tuesday the 13th or Wednesday the 14th do not seem like bad days, but obviously it is early to predict it. Be that as it may, these conceptual images serve to open our mouths to what will be, without a doubt, the most anticipated smartphone of the year.