The day Apple made the iPad stop being an iPad — 2022

A lot has happened since Steve Jobs showed us for the first time what an iPad was in 2010. In fact, so much time has passed and there has been such an evolution that iPads are no longer iPads. Or maybe yes. Apple itself plays in its advertising spots with the idea that these are more than a computer or that they are substantially different from what a tablet is. It is a device that, despite its advances, is still struggling to find its way and the truth is that not only because of its own hardware, since its operating system has a lot to say.

There were no tablets, there were 'iPads'

Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, David Cameron named British Prime Minister, Spain making history by winning its first World Cup accompanied by Shakira's Waka Waka and the presentation of the iPad. Year 2010 It meant many things and each one has a story behind it that is worth telling. As far as this medium is concerned, it is clear that the iPad is what most attracts our attention and even more so after a decade in which its concept has changed radically.

iPad Steve Jobs 2010

Although its popularity was still spreading, the iPhone was already an established product with a long future within Apple, however the company preferred to diversify its efforts by launching its first tablet. It is said that even this project was being developed before the phone , but the fact is that it was not until then that the company decided to show it to the world. Dressed in his usual look of sweater, jeans and sneakers, Steve Jobs sat on a couch on stage at the special event on January 27 to demonstrate what the iPad was capable of.

Really There wasn't much difference between an iPhone and an iPad. . In fact, it could be said that the latter was an extension of the first, but with a larger size that allowed some things to be done more comfortably than with the smartphone. In factwatch movies on ipadit is still a joy. It was not the first tablet on the market either, but it was the most revolutionary and it achieved an effect that every marketing department dreams of: the name of the product became the name of the type of product. Tablets, whatever brand they were, were known as iPads. This is something that, despite depending on chance in a certain way, in the end brings with it a series of characteristics that make it shine above your competition, regardless of whether or not you were the first.

Goodbye iOS, hello iPadOS


After the first iPad, many more arrived and the family was even expanded with the 'Air' range and the 'Pro' range. In between, many versions of iOS. Yes, the same operating system as the iPhone. It is evident that the format in the end makes it extremely easy to link one device to another and that a good part of its advantages can be used in both, but over time Apple's approach to these tablets and carrying a mobile operating system has been changing It imposed certain limitations.

There have always been subtle differences between the iOS on the iPhone and the iOS on the iPad, but it wasn't until 2019 that this completely changed. The existence of iPadOS was leaked hours before the WWDC 2019 where would it show up? This system became a hybrid between the mobile and desktop operating system that we can see with macOS. Both iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 have shared a good part of the functional and visual novelties, although the latter has added certain functions that are very different from those of the mobile and that allow actions more focused on managing a desktop computer than just a tablet.

The friendly divorce of iOS and the iPad also has its reason for being and consistency in the latest models of the 'Pro' range. These mount the most powerful processors created by Apple, accompanied by other high-performance components that leave them in a privileged place compared to other models. That is why a paradigm shift was urgently needed to be able to make the most of such powerful hardware.

A long road with a promising future

At the moment iPadOS 13 has been a first step for the definitive separation of iOS. In just under two weeks we will know what lies ahead iPadOS 14 And although it is foreseeable that it will continue to build on the basis of iOS 14, it is very possible that Apple will keep a few exclusive news up its sleeve to continue squeezing these teams to the fullest. Improvements in the use of mouse and trackpad, an even better implementation of the management of external devices or the arrival of long-awaited desktop apps to this system could be predictable news and highly applauded by users and developers.

ios 14 apple tv mac wwdc 2020

With accessories such as the Magic Keyboard, a keyboard with a trackpad, the Cupertino company continues to emphasize showing its tablets as a computer. In fact the last slogan of theiPad Pro 2020says your next computer is not a computer. And they don't lie. It's complicated really define what an iPad is today , but it is also unfair to hurry to do so. We are facing a path to be explored and exploited that can bring great progress at a time when desktop systems have reached a point of maturity that prevents them from continuing to grow in the same way as years ago.

The iPad is getting closer to being the entry range of the MacBook. Or even be those convertible Macs that we never saw and that in the competition we see in the form of Windows laptops that also work through touch screens. In any case, the optimistic phrase that the best is yet to come is perfectly applicable to iPadOS and the teams themselves. These latest versions have already changed the way we use them a lot, but in the end it will only be an appetizer of what we will see in the coming years. The show must go on.