The curious way of the Apple Store to combat COVID-19 — 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed our lives and changes have been introduced even in the smallest and most daily aspects. The popular Apple Store has not been without changes and for much of the year there have been many closures in different regions around the world. In fact, some closures continue to take place in some sensitive areas, such as those of the Community of Madrid and Zaragoza. However, the company could extend the Format Express which you already use in some places.

What are the Apple Express?

If you know the traditional format of an Apple Store, you will already know all its peculiarities, being large places where you can not only find all the products on display, but also stools and poufs where you can have fun playing with an iPad or Apple TV. They also have large tables where you can attend to your technical requests, as well as the popularToday at Apple workshops. In short, they are meeting places for all kinds of people, without the need or obligation to buy anything.

Apple Express

However, one of the biggest problems with the expansion of the new coronavirus is the crowds and constant contact. For this reason, the format of some stores has begun to be adapted to the situation, offering only a public service bar at the entrance of the store and in which there is also a partition screen that allows to maintain sanitary security measures. This is a special way for the company to continue serving customers in anticipation of the arrival of new iPhones and the imminent arrival of the Christmas campaign.

The situation of Apple Spain and its employees

Keep in mind that this is beginning to happen in the United States, Apple's home country and the one with the most stores. Although theApple product purchases onlineThey work well, the Californian firm does not want to give up dealing directly with the customer and this can be a great solution, something that was even confirmed by Derdie O'Brien, vice president of Apple stores.

In our country the situation could be different, since there are not so manyApple stores in Spainand most can be open in compliance with security measures. We do not know at the moment if the express model is being considered, but it is clear that in some places such as Madrid and Zaragoza they could take special measures considering that they have been closed since August, with all that this implies in terms of sales.

However, despite the fact that some of these spaces remain closed, at La Manzana Mordida we have learned that employees keep their salary in full without having entered into ERTE situations like so many companies in our country. These workers are currently performing telematic tasks from their homes such as technical or commercial training. If this type of space were to arrive in Spain, it would be appreciated by the staff, since they could go back to carrying out their usual work with the public, but without putting their health and that of the clients at risk.