The curious failure of iCloud: blocks a Mac when entering a last name — 2022

There are more or less common problems such as the fact thatiCloud Drive not syncing properly on Macor that the service may be presenting some other general problem. However, it is not so common for it to be blocked just by entering a last name. This is the case of Rachel True, who has shared on Twitter her sadness at the inability to use iCloud on the Mac without a tedious error window appearing.

iCloud doesn't detect True as a real last name

Previously we must start by remembering that True means true in English, this being a well-known programming value and used internally in the software of many digital devices and services. These values ​​are also used in iCloud and thanks to Rachel's case a problem has gone viral that will make Apple programmers make some kind of change to the iCloud code.

This Mac user recounted that she has been receiving an error message from Apple for 6 months in which, as she explains herself and an image is seen, programming codes appear. It is not known if the bug appears when signing in with her Apple ID or if she is trying to create a new one. In any case, it seems clear that it will not be easy for her to use Apple's cloud service and all this for what appears to be a comical iCloud programming error.

The fact that it is called True causes the system to get confused and a sequence begins to develop that ends up throwing an error. There have been those on the net who have even joked proposing that she get married and take her spouse's last name, although warning that the last name should not be Null so as not to trigger another storm of data and errors. The truth is that beyond the jokes, this seems to be a major problem and that it is not solved by changing the computer because it is not a hardware failure, something that Rachel already realized.

He also mentioned that he has tried to solve the problem talking for hours with technical support , sometimes reaching three hours. The issue was not resolved in any way, which also led to Rachel complaining that she was being charged for iCloud storage service despite not being able to enjoy it.

Apple is studying the case to solve it

As stated by some media that have echoed before this case, Apple is already working on solving this problem to prevent Rachel from being prevented from using iCloud with her last name for a longer time. Incidentally, it will serve for the company to study other possible variants of surnames that are related to the programming code and that may also cause problems in the future.

iCloud Drive won't sync on Mac macOS

Normally, what is done to avoid this type of problem is to differentiate uppercase from lowercase and even propose that the first letters automatically appear like this. However, it seems that Apple does not have this programmed and it does not matter if the True is set in any way, since it throws the error in the same way. In many cases, this will cause theMac shuts itself downon many occasions to fix this blockage.

We hope that soon this problem will remain an anecdote and that both Rachel and any other user in a similar case will be able to use the service normally. We also hope that she is rewarded financially in some way, since as she herself stressed, she has been religiously paying for a service that she has not been able to enjoy in the last 6 months.