The cheap iPhone of 2022: that's how we want it and that's how it will actually be — 2022

It was in 2016 when the iPhone SE debuted as an overhaul of the iPhone 5s with the '6s' chip. Four years later, in 2020, we saw its second generation converted into an iPhone 8 with components from the iPhone 11. And now, in half the time, 2022 is expected to serve to welcome a third generation that aims to be more of a disappointment than a joy. Or not… We break it all down below.

A reissue of the 'XR' flies over our heads

Despite having only two generations to date, we can understand what Apple's goal is with its 'Special Edition' of the iPhone. It is none other than to offer a classic device design, with an internal renovation of components and at a competitive price that, despite moving it away from the low range, becomes an excellent high-end at a mid-range price.

Taking into account that the '8' was the last redesigned iPhone with the 'SE' of 2020, there are those who dream (we dream) of a redone iPhone XR for 2022. Even more so if we take into account that this device was discontinued by Apple a few years ago. months, having been a best seller from the first to the last day. Taking into account that the aforementioned iPhone 8 was also the last of its kind to incorporate a Home button, why not make an 'SE' that has a more modern design?

iphone xr

iPhone XR

It is clear that Apple cannot present a device that comes with TOP design, materials and components as its cheapest smartphone, so it would not be unpleasant to see a reduced 'XR' to save costs. For example, instead of Face ID, mount Touch ID on the side button as is already the case on some iPads, but continue to maintain aspects such as its only camera or even the same battery.

Precisely the autonomy of this terminal was already the best in its time and even today it can be assumed, even more so seeing how badly the current iPhone SE performs in this section. And it is that, although it sounds surprising, really thecomparison between the iPhone XR and the SE 2020It allows us to see two phones much more similar than it seems, so it does not sound so far-fetched to see a version like the one we describe in 2022.

Pitcher of cold water with what will be in reality

Leaving wishes aside, reality shows us something very different. Some of the most credible analysts such as Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) or Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities) point out that the iPhone SE 2022 will be identical to current model , but with some added features.

Apple intends it to be the cheapest 5G phone in the world , probably keeping it at the same price and giving that connectivity as the main claim. In addition, it is expected that it will also carry the A15 Bionic chip that the iPhone 13 already has. However, there is no talk of any change in the design or an improvement in the battery. And frankly, considering how little standardized 5G connectivity is, we think it would be a very watered-down device.

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE (2nd gen – 2020)

According to other rumors that point to the disappearance of the 'mini' models, with theiPhone 12 mini and 13 miniAs a last exponent, this idea of ​​recycling the current iPhone SE and continuing to offer a compact device makes sense. And it is true that there are those who do not care about the aesthetic aspect and who continue to maintain the Home button. Obviously Apple will have its market analysis well studied, but it sounds strange to say the least.

Seeing the iPhone SE 2020 with that format was already controversial, despite the fact that the sales figures showed the opposite and hence, in the absence of being official, it has a vote of confidence. Be that as it may, it would not reach March At least, so we will continue to be attentive to new information with which to continue knowing if this new smartphone hides any surprises.