The changes in iOS 14 beta 3 that you should know — 2022

The summer around Apple is always considered as a period full of rumors of its new iPhone and with certainty of what we will see in its next operating systems, since it is when the first betas are launched. Yesterday we were able to witness the third versions for developers ofiOS 14and company, so it's time to recapitulate the changes that have taken place. It is not usual to find great news as the betas pass, unless they were already announced at WWDC. However, it is possible to find the occasional surprise that, no matter how minor, is always interesting to know.

What's new in the third beta of iOS 14

The main and most fundamental thing about this beta is its stability and good performance . Already in the previous two we were surprised by the tremendous fluidity of the entire system despite being a beta, being even more stable than very catastrophic final versions such as those of iOS 11 or some of iOS 13. However, it is still possible to find some bug like apps that don't work quite right, some lag at times and even unexpected restarts. Therefore, it is not usually recommended to install these versions, although those who decide should knowhow to install a beta on the iPhoneand. In any case, as a general rule, this version continues to improve performance and the general user experience with at least two months to go until they are officially released.

The most notorious of this new beta has been the apple music icon change leaving behind its white color for the red color. It really has been a return to the past, since it is very reminiscent of the icon that we had in this application several years ago. Other icons have also been redesigned within the application with the aim of making everything more consistent, something normal coming from Apple and its obsession with design and consistency between elements. This is also reinforced after a second beta in which we already saw some subtle changes in icons such as the Clock or Calendar.

Clock Widget iOS 14

As to widgets we find some novelties such as the fact of finding a pop-up window announcing the possibility of adding new widgets all over the screen. Those of us who have tried previous betas are not surprised, but it is understood that this will be added so that in the final version all users can know about it. As for aesthetic novelties in this section, we find that Watch launches several widgets in which you can have an expanded view of the analog clock or have several clocks with times from around the world in view. In this regard we also have to highlight a bug with Weather widget , which either appears in black or cannot be added directly. The solution to the latter is to restart the device.

Edit pages iOS 14

Another aesthetic novelty is that now we will have the possibility of edit entire app pages , being able to hide and show them at any time. To get here you need to be in the edit function of the main screen and press the points at the bottom. For this, a pop-up window has also been added in which everything is explained.

On iPhone 6s and later, except iPhone XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, 3D Touch disabled. Not really the functions of this but the way to access them, since in these devices certain gestures are recognized by the force exerted when pressing the screen and now they have replaced it with detection based on the time the screen is pressed. This is a way of equating them to those new phones from the company that no longer have the Taptic Engine among their components and therefore do not detect the pressure level.

iOS 14 beta 3 changes

Those who also have the beta of watchOS 7 will be able to verify that, finally, they have been added hand washing reminders when the device detects that we have entered the house and we have not washed our hands. This was previously announced, but it was not enabled until now, despite the fact that the clock did recognize when we washed our hands. We also find news in the popular Memoji , which have added a new form of mask that is very reminiscent of the washable ones that are now so fashionable in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In another order of things, the problem has finally been solved. storage problem that made the system take up excessive space, something quite annoying for those phones with smaller capacities. In fact, it would have been really devastating not to have fixed this before launch, since older phones like the iPhone 6s 16 GB could not even update to this version despite being compatible.

At the moment these are the most outstanding novelties of this version, although we will continue to pay special attention to its code, since it can be the key to knowing possible future novelties and even about devices. On other occasions it has been possible to find references to products that will later be launched on the market, so this iOS 14 code could hide a good handful of information related to the iPhone 12.