The calendar apps that should not be missing on your iPhone and iPad — 2022

If you want to organize yourself on a day-to-day basis, the most recommended thing is to have all your events written down on a calendar. In order to avoid having to go with an agenda always on top, these applications will help you to organize yourself perfectly and in an intelligent way.

Advantages of using these apps in your day to day

Whether you're a very organized person or a mess, these apps can help you manage all your day-to-day tasks so you don't forget a thing. It is a very good way to have some order and organization both daily and weekly.

You will have all your meetings and appointments always synchronized and with reminders so that you don't forget any of them. In addition, with the organization they have by colors, you will have all your appointments in a very visual way, seeing the ones that are most important and the ones that require more time. As these are applications that are synchronized with your emails, you will not have to be the one to add the video calls, but everything will be added by itself.

Calendar apps for iPhone and iPad

More and more developers are offering calendar applications, each one with certain characteristics that can help you to have your day-to-day life more organized and better managed. There is a wide variety of apps that, depending on your needs, can be a good helper so that you don't lose detail of any event you have to attend.


Fantastical App Sttore

An application that will allow you to organize your day to day in the most productive way possible. With Fantastical you will be able to synchronize all your calendars regardless of the destination and add events anywhere and with great detail. In addition, if you pay the premium subscription you can have in your possession an application that combines a calendar with a list of tasks, this being one of the most complete applications that you can find.

Thanks to its color calendar you can have the most important appointments in your agenda in a very visual way, as well as the time that each one of them can occupy approximately. It has a weather forecast so you can see if any of your tasks will have to be suspended or postponed due to weather conditions. You will have to choose how you want to see the calendar, whether by days, months, quarters or years.

Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks Descargar QR-Code Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks Developer: Flexibits Inc.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

If you are a fan of the suite of services that Google offers, this is your ideal calendar application. It allows you to view your calendar in either a month, week or day view and intelligently add events from your own Gmail emails. For example, if you get an email with a trip scheduled for two weeks, the application will add it automatically so you don't have to do it by hand. In addition to Google calendars, Exchange or iCloud calendars can also be synchronized.

With this application you will be able to synchronize your Meet meetings, and it will be updated on all your devices simultaneously. It also syncs with the Health app on your iPhone so you don't lose detail of your health activities. Thanks to Workspace you will have all your appointments at hand on all your devices.

Google Calendar: planner Google Calendar: planner Descargar QR-Code Google Calendar: planner Developer: Google LLC

Calendar 5

Calendar 5

Application that seeks to re-imagine how the experience of using a calendar on the iPhone or iPad should be. Its interface is easy to use and at the same time very attractive visually, allowing you to easily manage all your events and tasks. This experience is greatly improved when used on an iPad as the interface adapts to a larger screen for an enhanced experience. The problem is that this is an application that is not free and for which you will have to pay 7.99 euros in a single payment.

Thanks to its simple design you can have all your events at hand so you don't forget any of them. You can choose if you want to have a daily, monthly or yearly view of the calendar. You can create events according to your preferences and save them as favorites to always have them at hand and you don't have to create them every time.

Calendars 5 de Readdle Calendars 5 de Readdle Descargar QR-Code Calendars 5 de Readdle Developer: Readdle Technologies Limited



24me is undoubtedly one of the applications that should not be missing from your mobile. It allows you to manage all your events and tasks by combining calendars, tasks and notes from all your personal accounts. The calendar includes different personalized notifications such as those related to the traffic to attend the destination marked in the event that is approaching in the timeline.

Automatically generate your most recurring events, in addition to being able to connect your entire ecosystem with the application. It has reminders so you don't forget your appointments. It has a function that allows you to see the traffic so you can calculate the time it will take to reach your destination.

24me Personal Assistant 24me Personal Assistant Descargar QR-Code 24me Personal Assistant Developer: 24me

Picniic – Family Organizer

Family Calendar

Organizing an event with family members can be tricky. The fact of having a shared agenda can greatly facilitate family gatherings since you can find the time slots that best suit each member of the family. That is why this is the ideal application when creating a shared calendar with an entire family in which to place events or proposals for them so that the members can choose when it is best for them to celebrate it.

Without a doubt, one of the most important advantages of this app is that you can synchronize the whole family. You can choose the role you have in the family, and it has an option to choose the nanny, in case you want to leave a special task. It has a section for recipes and meals, thanks to which you will be able to share with the family the recipes that you can cook together.

Picniic - Family Organizer Picniic - Family Organizer Descargar QR-Code Picniic - Family Organizer Developer: Picnic Labs Inc

Class schedule

Class schedule

If you are a student, the schedule of your classes is something vital for you. That is why with this application you can have complete control of what you have to do throughout the day at school with a very colorful interface that is compatible with most devices in the ecosystem.

Undoubtedly the ideal application for students. Thanks to its simple and calm design you will be able to organize your deliveries and exams, as well as write down all the homework you have done every afternoon. It is compatible with Apple Watch, so you can always have your school calendar at hand.

Class schedule Class schedule Descargar QR-Code Class schedule Developer: Class Timetable LLC

Calendar: My Calendar and Tasks


An easy and elegant way and use a calendar application. Compatible with Google Calendar and also with the iOS calendar to be able to manage events online and offline. Its interface allows you to focus on what is most important without any distraction in order to create new events and edit those you have already created.

It syncs with your iOS devices so you always have your tasks at hand at all times. Thanks to its offline option, you can modify and add events so that it is synchronized when you have Internet again. You can create recurring events to assign to every week so you don't have to repeat it every week.

Calendars: My Calendar and Tasks Calendars: My Calendar and Tasks Descargar QR-Code Calendars: My Calendar and Tasks Developer: Readdle Technologies Limited



If you want to always have all your events in view without accessing any application, you can make use of WidgetCal that allows you to include a widget on the home screen thanks to iOS 14 with all your scheduled events. The aesthetic of this widget can vary and it is available in numerous sizes so that it can be adapted to your own needs.

It has the option to synchronize the Chinese and Korean lunar calendar, as well as a weekly and yearly view to choose the one that best suits you. Thanks to its color system you will be able to see at a glance the tasks that occupy you the most time so that you can plan in the best way.

WidgetCal-Calendar Widget WidgetCal-Calendar Widget Descargar QR-Code WidgetCal-Calendar Widget Developer: YunaSoft Inc.

What is our choice?

Without a doubt, depending on what you are looking for, there is an application that can help you organize your events. This is Google Calendar. A simple and easy-to-use application with which you can synchronize all your Google applications so you don't miss a thing.

Its simple and practical calendar has a nice color organization so you can organize yourself well and know which events you are going to spend more time on, as well as your important medical appointments and video calls. You will be able to add all your Google contacts so that nobody loses details of the events.

And you, what do you organize yourself with on a day-to-day basis?