The La Manzana Mordida podcast returns for VIP subscribers with these news — 2022

At La Manzana Mordida we want to continue improving in order to offer you, our readers, a better experience. After activating the Community tab on our YouTube channel, where several subscribers have signed up for the channel's VIP service, we have seen that what is offered in exchange for these $5 per month is too little and that is why we have decided offer better content in exchange for this subscription recovering our weekly podcast.

If you are veterans in this medium, surely you remember the podcast that was carried out by the hand of Fernando Del Moral, reaching the first positions in the top hits in our category in different countries in Podcast. We wanted to resume this project again but now for our VIP subscribers , to offer them extra quality content in exchange for their monthly subscription.

The objective of this decision is basically to be finally independent from other brands at an economic level. In other words, those of us who are part of La Manzana Mordida have a bad habit of eating and the income we currently get is from third parties. In order to ensure our permanence we want to start this premium part, although obviously Both the contents of YouTube and the articles on this website will remain totally free. to visualize.

We are not the first to launch a premium podcast, but there are different references such as Victor Correal and Guillem, Joan Boluda and Alex Martínez, Emilcar... among others. All of these have a similar project underway and the truth is that the result they are having is quite positive among your community.

What will this premium podcast be about?

And many of you will wonder, what is the podcast going to be about? Until now, we used the podcast to inform a little of Apple's current affairs, but this time we wanted to give it a twist and make it much more personal. With this we mean that the participants of the podcast will tell week after week our opinion of what Apple has done throughout those 7 days but also We will talk about what is not seen in La Manzana Mordida.

Podcasts app

For example, the editors will tell how we organize ourselves to write these articles, the stress that we can go through in some presentations or product launches or even how we use our Apple ecosystem to work. On the YouTube channel with Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero there are also some very interesting ins and outs and stories that will surely fascinate you, such as the way they record videos, the gadgets they use daily, among others.

You can listen to all this content from Apple and what happens behind the camera or on the website of La Manzana Mordida in our VIP podcast that you will find at On this website you can subscribe for €5/month in a very simple way and let's have all the episodes available in your favorite application quickly.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new project in which we have ventured in La Manzana Mordida. We also recommend you visit our post telling you the bestapplications to record podcast from iPad or iPhone.