The best way to transfer photos and videos from Android to Mac — 2022

It's no secret that an iPhone syncs better with a Mac than an Android, but the truth is that connecting a mobile device with the Google system to Apple computers isn't complicated either. Although there are various tools that allow you to do it, here we will explain the easiest way to transfer your photos from an Android to an Apple Mac computer.

Connect your Android mobile to Mac

As we indicated, you will have to connect your Android phone to your Mac computer via cable. Once you do, depending on the version of the operating system you have on the mobile and the brand it is, you may be asked something like if you want to trust that computer. You must click on Yes, of course. The message that yes or yes should appear on the mobile is a pop-up window that asks you what do you want to use the usb for . You must select the option transfer photos .

Transfer Android to Mac via cable

What cable to use?

There is no specific connection standard that must be used to connect your Android mobile to the Apple computer. In fact, you the one that comes in the phone box will do , which usually has USB-C at one end or even Micro USB in the case of older ones. At the other end, the one that goes to the computer, may be normal USB or USB-C. On an iMac it will be easier, since the most recent ones have both connections, but if you have a MacBook that does not have normal USB you will have to use an adapter.

You will be able to know if the device has been recognized by the Mac through Finder, since the reference will appear in the left sidebar. It could also appear on the desktop if you have the option for the disks to appear there checked in the preferences, because in some cases it is possible that the smartphone is detected as an external disk that has been connected to the computer.

Could it be a security problem?

When connecting such a device to a computer, there can always be a question as to whether it is completely secure. Keep in mind that initially what you are going to do is connect your mobile to your computer. This makes it a completely secure process, since the transfer will always be between devices you trust. In addition, different pop-up notifications will appear so that you can authorize the transfer of all this information.

The real problem can come when you are going to transfer between devices that are not yours. Whether you use someone else's Android or someone else's Mac. Here you should always be very sure that they are devices that have been used by people you trust the most, since it will depend on these that you do not end up with security problems such as unwanted data infiltration, since we must remember that Through this type of connection you will have access to a lot of data.

Tools needed for the process

Unfortunately, this process is not as simple as connecting the Android device to the Mac and then simply dragging files, something that works on Windows computers. In these cases it will be necessary to use third party applications . In the following sections, we will tell you what options are available to you, as well as the possible problem that could arise when you run any of these programs.

Does your mobile have a dedicated application?

android brands

There are some brands of Android devices that have their own applications and programs for Mac that allow you to synchronize your mobile with your computer. The main advantage of these is that most not only allow easy transfer of photos and videos, but also allow sync other information such as contacts, calendars and others.

Even some of these applications allow you to make backup copies. Manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei have their versions of programs for Mac, so we recommend you go to the website of your smartphone brand to check if there is such a tool. It will also be important that you check that the version they have is on Mac, since if they only have Windows computers it won't help you much, since starting it on the Mac is possible, but through a very tedious process.

Specialized Third Party Programs

We can find several applications that are not designed by Apple or by telephony brands, but which could also be useful for your devices. Some are paid and others have free versions that can be used for this. Here is a link to some of the most recommended.

Android File Transfer

In these, although there are obvious visual differences in the interface, the functionalities are usually the same. To use them, you must connect the smartphone to the Mac, open the programs and proceed to follow their respective instructions to transfer photos and videos from one computer to another. As a general rule, they usually come with quick guides as soon as they are opened, so this will make it easier for you to understand how it works from the beginning.

Can't open these programs?

Since these aren't apps downloaded from the App Store, your Mac might detect them as potentially dangerous (even though they're not). If you have downloaded the tool from the developer's official site, you can rest assured that they are safe to use, although their use may still be blocked despite this. This is due to a default macOS setting to prevent the use of tools downloaded outside of its app store.

To do this you must follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences and click on ‘Security & Privacy’.
  2. Go to the 'General' tab.
  3. Click the lock icon at the bottom left of the window (you will be prompted for your Mac password).
  4. Where it says 'Allow apps downloaded from' select the option 'App Store and Identified Developers'.

Probably, after doing this you will be asked to restart the computer or simply the application, so that it can then be run without any problem and fully functional. In the event that it still does not work for you, it may be due to an incompatibility with your version of the operating system and/or model of Mac.

Other methods that may be effective

If the application you found does not work on your Mac or you simply want to know other useful alternatives to transfer photos from your Android to Mac, in the following sections we will tell you what these options are so that you can have all the cards on the table.

From a cloud storage service

Cloud storage platforms can not only be useful for saving space on physical devices or making backups, but they are also extremely useful for manually transferring files as in this case. The ideal cloud on Apple devices is iCloud, but since its management on Android is through the browser and this is certainly inconvenient, we recommend using any other.

Here is a list of the most popular cloud storage services that are perfectly valid for this process:

  • Amazon Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • iDrive
  • MEGA
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Sync

cloud storage services

Once you have chosen one, the process will be very simple. You only need to have the application installed on your Android device (they all have an app in the Play Store), save the photos and videos there to later rescue them on the Mac. On the computer you can also use the respective applications they have for macOS, although it could be enough to visit their websites and thus access the cloud.

Specialized transfer services

In the event that you have a lot of files to transfer overall, cloud services may not interest you too much. Also because you have to carry out online storage that for many people can become distrustful. In this case, there are different services on the internet in which you will simply have to send the documents together to an email. A link will be generated with which to download.

In this situation, we must say that we recommend the service of WeTransfer . It is really intuitive to use it on a day-to-day basis, since you will simply have to upload a series of files to the network and thus have them all grouped in a link that you are going to send to your own email. In the end, you will quickly have access to all the content you want on your Mac by clicking on this link to start the download.

Messaging apps, though not ideal

Probably, this way of transferring files is not the most recommended and not because it doesn't work, but because it is the most tedious method. It consists of transferring your photos and videos to your own WhatsApp, Telegram or similar conversation and then opening them on your Mac and saving them there. It also works the other way around.

Of course, keep in mind that apps like WhatsApp compress images too much and this would cause them to lose quality. Telegram in this sense allows you to send the files in their highest quality if the option is selected. However, we insist on emphasizing that it is an effective method, although very tedious, since you will have to download the files one by one later, and this in the end reduces its efficiency and makes it take too long.