The best way to protect your iPhone XR with these cases and covers — 2022

Nobody likes their mobile to break, especially if it has cost a significant amount of money. Covers and cases are a good option to cushion shocks and falls, avoiding breakage in many cases. For this reason, in this article we review what are the cases for iPhone XR most outstanding that you can find on Amazon if you want to protect your device well, combining that protection with design and price.

Does any case work for this smartphone?

You have probably heard or read that the cases of a certain iPhone are also compatible with another model. And it is true, since there are many Apple smartphones that, due to their dimensions, may have covers compatible with others. Now, this is not the case with the iPhone XR, which has no counterparts to share cases with.

Perhaps the iPhone 11 is the most similar to this phone, but its camera modules are different and it does not exactly match in thickness and in the exact position of the buttons. The iPhone XR measurements They are 15.09 centimeters high, 7.57 wide and 0.83 thick with a weight of 194 grams. In any case, you do not need to memorize this data or take it into account now, since the covers that we are going to recommend in the following sections are fully compatible with it.

What you should keep in mind before buying

There are several points that we consider to be key that you should look at before proceeding to buy the cover or case:

    Design.It doesn't matter if others like the case or not, the important thing is that you like it because you are the one who is going to put it on your iPhone. Regardless of the other characteristics, if something does not enter your eyes at first, it is difficult for it to convince you later. Quality.The materials used are very important, since depending on what they are, you can have a greater or lesser durability in the case, as well as resistance to bumps and scratches. Touch and ergonomics.There are cases that are very resistant and durable, but perhaps they make the phone too bulky and difficult to handle. Also if their materials are rough they could give a bad user experience. Price.A factor as decisive as this could not be missing in the purchase process. If you consider that the cover is expensive, but you think it will meet your expectations, do not hesitate to make the investment. If, on the other hand, you think it has a bulky weight, check other similar options in case there is one at a better price. shipping times.Making a purchase online is very convenient because you don't have to leave your home, but if the shipping times offered are too long, it may not be worth waiting so long. Therefore, it is convenient that you review these conditions. Guarantee.It hurts much more that the phone breaks than the case, but it is also not pleasant that it suffers deterioration in an unexpected way, so you must make sure that they offer you guarantees in this regard, as well as returns and refunds in case it comes defective. At Amazon these values ​​are met.

Clear Cases for iPhone XR

The good thing about these types of covers is that they leave show off the original iPhone design without giving up having it protected. In fact, it is interesting in phones like this where we can find an attractive range of colors that are worth showing off.


This is an increasingly popular brand in the cases and covers market, as they offer very good quality accessories at really affordable prices. We highlight at this point two of them that are totally transparent and that have the advantage that they do not remain yellowish if they are cared for properly, something that unfortunately does not happen with other brands. One of them is the Liquid Crystal , a type of ultra thin case that will protect your phone from scratches and that hardly weighs.

Liquid Crystal de Spigen buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 9.99 slings iphone xr spigen

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The other one we recommend is known as Ultra Hybrid , which has a slightly higher price than the previous one and provides a increased protection in the face of possible falls or fortuitous blows. In this one, the fact of offering different versions with colored frames adapted to that of your iPhone stands out, but maintaining transparency on the back. Like the previous one, it does not yellow either and is quite durable.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid buy it at official apple iphone xr cases EUR 11.99 Amazon Logo

apple official

With the release of the iPhone XR, Apple released its first official clear case in a long time. I call her Clear Case and although their materials are translucent, they are broadly the same as those used in their classic silicone covers. It is rigid from behind in order to prevent it from bending excessively when it is not on and to better resist possible knocks.

iphone xr nudge cases

Now, not everything is positive in this case and the fact is that most who have bought it affirm that its price is too high compared to other options such as those that we have previously mentioned, in addition to the fact that it can accumulate a lot of dirt inside. if not cleaned practically every day. In any case, it is the official Apple option and in case of unexpected problems they can replace it with a new one.

Apple Clear Case buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 27.95 iphone xr SmartDevil cases

Compatible silicone cases

Although it is true that the previous ones are also made of silicone, the ones that we will highlight below are those that have a more colorful design. If you like the feel and experience of these types of cases and want to give your iPhone XR a different style than transparent ones, you may like these options.

Pack of 10 NUDGE slings

If you like change cover frequently , possibly this is one of the best options you can find, since in the same pack up to 10 cases compatible with the iPhone XR are added. And they are of different colors: black, dark green, red, dark blue, light green, orange, pink, purple, light blue and white. So you won't get tired of getting tired, because there is variety for everyone.

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The negative part of these cases is that they are not the most resistant because they are extremely thin, but that also makes them much lighter and makes handling the phone more comfortable. In addition, it does not mean that they do not protect the terminal, since with them you will avoid that they can be scratched on a table or in a pocket if you carry the mobile with keys or other sharp elements.

Pack of 10 NUDGE slings buy it at iphone xr porter riley cases EUR 10.99 Amazon Logo

SmartDevil Case + Tempered Glass

If you like the style of Apple's classic colorful silicone cases, this one emulates them perfectly, except for the absence of the Californian brand's logo. They offer different colors (yellow, blue, orange, black, violet, red and green) and protection on all sides of the iPhone, since it also has silicone coverage on the bottom.

iphone xr tendlin cases

In addition, the highlight is that it comes in a pack with tempered glass to also protect the screen and prevent it from being scratched, even avoiding breakage after some blows. An interesting pack with which in the end you will obtain a nice and comfortable design, as well as insurance against those small accidents that can occur with the device.

SmartDevil Case + Tempered Glass buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 13.99 iphone xr tucch cases

Made with leather materials

Leather cases or synthetic materials that imitate it are also very good options, since in addition to protecting the iPhone they give it an extra touch of elegance. Below we propose what are, at least in our opinion, the three best options in terms of value for money.

Porter Riley Holster

This is a brand of London origin specialized in the design of accessories like these in materials of genuine leather. For the iPhone XR, it offers up to four different styles, in chocolate brown, light brown, black or navy blue. As we said before, it will give your iPhone a very particular and distinctive style.

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The combination of materials that it has to form the complete construction makes it not one of the most resistant, but it does have greater resistance than it may seem at first glance against scratches and bumps. They also offer a very soft touch and the button panel is not covered, being just as accessible as with any other cover or case.

Porter Riley Holster buy it at iphone xr supcase covers EUR 26.95 Amazon Logo

TENDLIN sheath

This other brand is perhaps not as well known, but that does not stop them from offering very good quality cases that look fantastic on the iPhone XR. Two colors (black and brown) are available. Its materials are not really leather if not alcantara material combined with TPU to offer good quality without the price rising excessively.

iphone xr bestst cases

And although it protects the device very well, it is not so thick as to be uncomfortable, being in fact one of the lightest in this type of construction. It also offers protection from the bottom and has an inner layer that is quite effective against bumps and scratches. It also allows wireless charging without any heating problem.

TENDLIN sheath buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 14.99

TUCCH Flip Case

If you like book covers , this is probably one of the best options you will find because of the versatility it offers. It is resistant to bumps and scratches both on the back and on the front if you wear it closed, it offers very successful synthetic leather materials and, on top of that, it is not very expensive.

Is available in Various colors to choose from: light blue, navy blue, grey, light brown, black, light pink, hot pink, dark red, wine red, midnight green and dark green. Surely one of these combinations will serve the color of your iPhone XR, with which it combines perfectly. Of course, you should bear in mind that the size of the phone is fattening and may not be comfortable for you on all occasions.

TUCCH Flip Case buy it at EUR 18.99

The most robust housings

If you want the best possible protection for your iPhone, there are some cases that protect your device even more than seen before. Below we tell you what our two recommendations are, which, again, are adjusted to their value for money.

Sup Case

This is one of the best known brands when it comes to protective cases. It's a cover all terrain that protects the iPhone everywhere, including its screen thanks to a protective glass that it incorporates and that must be mounted before the case. cushions falls in a really prominent way thanks to its bulky edges that protect the sides and back of the device.

It also has a support to place the iPhone horizontally and enjoy a video comfortably. It is available in four different colors such as blue, black, red and green; although in all of them it maintains the black color as the only color of the sides.

Sup Case buy it at EUR 22.99

BestST Holster with Ring

In a very striking style we find this other case that offers the same protection against drops and sudden shocks than the previous. And although in this case the screen is somewhat more unprotected because it does not incorporate support, the fact that the cover protrudes over it makes it more complicated to break because it does not directly impact it.

At the back there is a iPhone holding ring with the hand while using it to make it safer from a possible slip, also serving as a support to watch videos if it is placed on a table. We find different color variants in blue, black, gold, silver, red and pink.

BestST Holster with Ring buy it at EUR 8.59