The best free Teleprompter app for iPhone — 2022

Surely on some occasion you have wondered how news presenters do to tell the information while looking at the camera. Where do they read it? Well, in the camera itself thanks to what is called a teleprompter, a device in which the text is reflected and passes at a suitable speed so that it can be read. And in case you didn't know, you can turn your iPhone into a teleprompter thanks to an app of the same name.

What is ‘Teleprompter for Video’

Teleprompter for Video is an application available on the iOS App Store and what is also iPad-compatible . Its purpose, as you may have already noticed, is the same as that of the device used in television and that we have described in the introduction. It is very useful if you have to record a video in which you want to give certain information that you do not know by heart and that makes it more comfortable for you to read.

the app is free, although it has a premium version of 12.99 euros with which you can access certain functionalities. We believe that the basic version can be more than useful to you, although you may end up purchasing this paid version to better suit your needs. You can check all of this in the following sections.

Initial setup

Teleprompter iphone

As soon as you download and open the app for the first time, you will find a screen asking you to log in. If you have never had this app before, you can create your own user, although there are also options to sign in with Facebook or Google . It's a shame that this one, like so many others, doesn't take advantage of the Sign in with Apple functionality that was introduced with iOS 13, which is one of the most secure and private ways.

Once you have accessed you will be required permissions to access the camera and microphone , which is essential if you want to be able to make recordings by reading text from the app. Once this process is done, which could be done in a matter of seconds, all you have to do is start exploring the features of the app.

Interface and functionalities

On the main screen you will see that the front camera is open and an example text appears just above it, which you can press to edit it. At the bottom of the screen you will find, arranged from left to right, the following buttons:

Teleprompter iphone app

    Settings:By clicking here you will access different options such as changing the size of the text, putting it in mirror mode or with subtitles, adjusting the text box to part or all of the screen, as well as the background color or the level of transparency. It also has settings for the countdown time before recording, the time that there will be once the narration of the text is finished and other camera settings such as choosing the rear camera. scripts:the most important part of the app, since it is where you can enter the different texts that you want to use. You can create them instantly, paste them manually or import them from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. By default you can add 1,200 characters , and with the premium version you can have no limit. You can also underline text, make it bold and other interesting settings that make reading easier. Recording:the mythical red button that you will have to press once you have adjusted all the parameters and you are ready to start recording. Buttons -, + and play:These buttons are used to adjust the speed at which you want the text to move. The higher the number, the faster the travel speed will be. The play button will serve to make a sample of how the text will move during the recording.

3, 2, 1 and… We are in the air!

Don't get stage fright when you press the record button. If you think that seeing yourself on the screen at the same time as the text can confuse you and make your reading worse, you can try adjusting the text box to full screen. In this way you will not even realize that you are recording and it will be like reading a text aloud, since after all it is still that. Also, if you get lost or go too fast, you can move it manually to go back or forward to the line you have to read.

Once you have finished the first recording you will check how you are asked access to the photo gallery in order to be able to store the recording there. As soon as you have accepted this permission once, you will not be required again and when you finish a recording you will only have to click on save or discard the recorded video.

We believe that this app can be very worthwhile and as for the premium version, we believe that too. Although in the latter case it will not be necessary if your scripts do not usually extend beyond the 1,200 characters of the free version.