The bear tells tales from Apple TV+'s Little Zen Stories — 2022

Little Zen Stories is a children's series whose protagonist is a panda bear, called Tranquil Lake, who has three brothers as adventure partners, Karl, Michael and Addy. Tranquil Lake, our panda bear, stands out for his wisdom and patience, which he exposes in the series when telling the rest of the protagonists stories, fables and riddles. This series is based on the Jon J Muth Scholastic series of books.


    Creators:Jon J Muth Executive producers: Sidonie Dumas, Christopher Riandee, Nicholas Atlan, Terry Kalagian, Iole Lucchese, Caitlin Friedman, Jeff Kaminsky and Rob Hoegee. Production companies: Gaumont International Television, Scholastic Entertainment Recommended age:For all audiences Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+

Characters and voice actors

    James yougives voice to Tranquil Lake. Eva Bindervoices Addy. Tucker Chandlervoices Michael. Judah Mackeyvoices Karl.

First season (2020)

The first season, and so far the only one of Little Zen Stories premiered, in its entirety, on December 4 with 6 episodes. This series arrives at the end of 2020 to try to make the end of the year more fun for the little ones. It consists of 6 episodes that are less than half an hour long so that the little ones in the house have their little time with their favorite panda bear every day.

Chapter 1: The Impossible Dream / Blocked by the Rain

    Release date:December 4th Duration:24 minutes Description:One of the protagonists, Karl, decides to build a special ship, however, nobody believes that this ship can get up from the ground and, a typical summer storm makes Michael see that he can have fun in another way.

Chapter 2: The Gift of Compassion / Gigantic

    Release date:December 4th Duration:24 minutes Description:Between brothers, there is usually anger, because that is exactly what happens to Addy, who gets angry with Karl since he does not want to share a game, in addition, this one, Karl, receives a toy robot and it is not like him I expected.

Chapter 3: Soaked / Like a glove

    Release date:December 4th Duration:23 minutes Description: During one of the typical summer games, the water balloon fight, Karl and Michael wet Addy and later feel bad about it. Also, when Michael and Addy set out to build a cool go-kart, Karl feels left out.

Episode 4: Downward Facing Dog / The Sleeping Moon

    Release date:December 4th Duration:24 minutes Description: Michael is in charge of taking care of his neighbors' dog during the weekend. In addition, a lunar eclipse occurs that our protagonists try to see in the best possible way, however, things do not go as they expected.

Chapter 5: The Race / Elegant

    Release date:December 4th Duration:23 minutes Description: Losing a cross country race has made Andy very sad, while Karl is reluctant to stop wearing his favorite jersey, even though it no longer fits.

Chapter 6: The Haircut / Paper Wings

    Release date:December 4th Duration:23 minutes Description: The time has come for Karl to go to the barber for the first time, however, this idea scares him a lot. Also, Michael is convinced to try to make the perfect paper airplane.