The applications that should not be missing on your Mac to be more productive — 2022

If you are branding a new Mac or simply want to discover new applications, this article is undoubtedly the ideal one. It is true that sometimes looking for good applications for Mac at a low cost is somewhat complicated and that is why we have devised a small top applications that should not be missing on your Mac. We wanted to play several sticks going through editing and productivity as well as messaging systems so that you can have a good range of applications at your disposal.

Although quality applications at zero price are very difficult to find because developers have a bad habit of eating, as we say many times. That is why some of these applications they may cost some money but we believe they will improve your productivity and you will be able to put your Mac to better use.

With these programs for Mac you will be much more productive


The best email manager we have to date is undoubtedly Spark, a service that It is available on various platforms such as macOS or iOS, and we even see it on Android as well. Given the shortcomings that we see in Mail, we must resort to this type of application that incorporates a smart tray which is fabulous or the ability to schedule outgoing emails.

We believe that Spark is the email manager that should not be missing on your Mac to improve your productivity by also synchronizing perfectly with your calendar.

Download Spark on the Mac App Store here .


If you want to be a productive person on your Mac, Magnet should not be missing, an extremely simple application that will allow us to take multitasking one step further. If we normally work with several applications and we want to exchange data between them in an extremely simple way, we can use Magnet. With this application we can have up to four applications in the same view and be able to interact with each other quickly in an efficient and productive way.

Download Magnet from the Mac App Store here .


If you have many subscription applications on your Mac, with setApp you can save a lot of money and have a lot of applications at your fingertips. setApp is a subscription service that will give us a series of applications like Clean My Mac among others for a monthly price that part of the 10 dollars . The catalog of available applications is very extensive and each one of them, if we acquire it individually, will make our bill fatter.

In a very simple way we are talking about a 'Netflix of applications' so it is highly recommended if you want to have applications like Netflix for a monthly subscription. Clean My Mac, Flume, Elmedia Player among many other very popular. In some cases it can be considered aalternative to itunes.

You can subscribe to this service on the official website of setApp here .

Unsplash Wallpaper

Everything doesn't have to be work and productivity apps, because sometimes having a good environment can be very important. That is why we suggest you download Unsplash Wallpaper , an application that offers us a wide library of wallpapers for our Mac that have very good quality and are very pretty. This will improve our experience when using our Mac since we will work with an incredible wallpaper. Once downloaded, you shouldchange wallpaper on mac easily.

Download the Unsplash Wallpaper from the Mac App Store here .


If you use to watch a lot of multimedia content on your computer, you can do it while you are working or looking at another web page with Helium. The use of Helium is tremendously simple since we simply have to drag a very specific video to the floating window that we will have with Helium and we can now view our content while we are on another website. In addition to dragging this content, we can also add the specific link if it is faster for us.

You can download Helium from the Mac App Store here .

PDF Expert

Although macOS offers us a PDF document viewing tool such as Preview, sometimes we can find some important shortcomings, such as the editing of these documents. If you normally work with PDF files, then PDF Expert should not be missing from your Mac as it will allow you to make edits, read documents, add annotations, fill in forms, sign documents, highlight certain words...

PDF Expert 2 environment

The truth is that this application is tremendously careful with an impeccable design and exquisite iCloud compatibility. In addition, it has a similar application in the iOS App Store so we can continue our work on our different Apple devices. In addition to having a trial version if you are a student or professional you can have a special price.

You can download PDF Expert on its official website here.


If you work daily with a multitude of video files, you may need to make several format changes without losing quality. To do so, we have an interesting application on macOS called Permute, which is tremendously easy to use because we only have to drag the file we want change format and select the new format.

We find this application in setApp which we have talked about above although you can also download it from its official website here .


Sometimes it can be chaos having to manage our instant messaging applications like WhatsApp o Telegram. That is why, before downloading these applications independently, we suggest you download Franz, an application that will allow you to group together all your instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack or Messenger, among many others.

You can download Franz from its official website here .

The Unarchiver

If you like zip or unzip files on mac we have an amazing tool in the Mac App Store such as The Unarchiver that will allow us to perform this task in an easy way. tremendously simple. It adds a shortcut when we right-click on a compressed file and also when we select multiple files that we want to compress to send.

Download The Unarchiver from the Mac App Store here .

Affinity Photo

If you like to edit photos on Mac, either as a hobby or because you work as a professional, we definitely recommend the Affinity Photo application as alternative to the Adobe suite. At first glance, you can see that it incorporates a large number of editing options with professionals in the sector in mind.

In addition to this version for macOS also there is an iOS version suitable if you have an iPad Pro. With this you will be able to follow your projects on any type of device, which is why it becomes a great alternative to Photoshop that a few years ago had no rival on Mac.

You can download Affinity Photo on the official website here .


With so many records that we make in our day to day to so many services and applications and the security problems that exist in the network, we must always have with us a good password manager . Although we have the native Apple version, sometimes if we also work on other platforms such as Windows, we may fall short and that is why we recommend you go to 1Password.

This password manager is very good because it automatically saves logins thanks to the extension compatible with numerous browsers on Windows as well as on macOS. Through its algorithm, it proposes secure passwords that are never repeated to avoid having to use the same password in two logins, something that we should never do if we are interested in our security. The price of your subscription is quite cheap for the great help it will give us in our day to day.

You can download 1Password on its official page here .

Final Cut Pro

If you have a Mac and you work editing videos professionally, you must have purchased Final Cut Pro, the video editing application developed by Apple itself designed for its computers, so performance is its great asset.

We will have at our disposal a large number of tools as well as the possibility of buying different accessories that will make our videos authentic works of art. Without a doubt, it competes directly with the Adobe suite, although the preference for one over the other is still an open war.

Final Cut Pro X

Download Final Cut Pro from the Mac App Store here .


If you want to edit photos in a somewhat homemade way and with a free application, our recommendation is that you download PhotoScape, which will give you a series of essential tools to make photo montages for your projects or simply to edit your photos before uploading them to social networks. Although you can alsouse the Photos app to remove anything from a photo.

You can download PhotoScape X on the Mac App Store here .


Another of the graphic design applications par excellence in macOS is Pixelmator. With this application we will have most of the PhotoScape tools but one step further designed for a much more professional sector l and having an application in the iOS App Store. It is an application that will give us the possibility of editing our photographs and even creating suitable montages for our website.

Pixelmator Pro 2

You can download Pixelmator on the Mac App Store here .


If you have a small business or simply work with many documents, it is important that you have a cloud. In macOS we have iCloud Drive which is a very good cloud storage service with a subscription at a good price. As an alternative we have Dropbox which is a cross-platform cloud service that works really well especially for companies because they give us a workspace with fabulous files.

cloud storage with dropbox

The price of the subscription is quite similar to that of iCloud Drive and you can find all the information on its official website here .


If you want to improve your productivity, you should undoubtedly integrate a task control application into your day-to-day life and we suggest you work with MeisterTask, which is the one we use. This app is multi platform and totally free and will allow you to manage your tasks in a very visual way in different columns that can be renamed for example: 'Pending tasks', 'Tasks I'm doing', 'Completed tasks'.

Example of the MeisterTask App.

Example of the MeisterTask App.

This application is being tremendously useful to us for be more productive since it also allows you to integrate with teams of people, being able to invite several people to the same project in MeisterTask.

You can download MeisterTask for free on the Mac App Store here .


If you are addicted to Instagram and want to always be aware of the publications that your friends can make or the stories that they upload you may find the web version of Instagram a bit unproductive. That is why we recommend you to install Flume to have an amazing experience on your Mac on Instagram.

In the free version of Flume we will have the possibility to visualize the different publications of our friends but if we want to upload some type of content we will have to go through the box and pay for the Pro version. Although we believe that the free version will give us enough game for our day to day.

You can download Flume from its official website here .


Uninstalling applications in macOS is a tremendously simple process, but we must do it properly to avoid leaving residual files on our computers. With this simple application we will have this task completely solved since we will simply have to drag the application that we want to uninstall over App Cleaner to start the operation.

You can free download App Cleaner here .

Macs Fan Control

If you want to have control over the speed of the fans, the best application to do so is Macs Fan Control, which will allow you to choose the revolutions per minute of each of your Mac's fans. In addition to having first-hand information on the temperature of the inside the equipment thanks to the sensors.

This application is completely free and you can download it from the official website here .

Suite Office

A Mac cannot be without a good word processor, especially if you are a student or work in a company. That is why we believe that one of the best options we can find is the Office suite. The word processing tools that Microsoft offers us are amazing as they have very good performance and sync perfectly with their cloud.

Microsoft Office Mac App Store

Although, Apple has its own suite such as iWork that offers us interesting tools to create truly beautiful presentations, documents and spreadsheets. We believe that some tweaks are missing in its functionalities that Mac users prefer to use these tools in general, although they are on the right track.

You can subscribe to the Office suite on its official website here .


If iTunes falls short in terms of functions or is too tedious to use, we recommend choosing to download iMazing . This software has a tremendously interesting aesthetic and is very easy to use, something that has caught our attention.

Among the functions that we can carry out with iMazing, we can highlight the transfer of photos or any content between iPhone and Mac quickly. Without a doubt, it is a great alternative to iTunes that we should have downloaded on our Mac to save ourselves headaches.

You can download iMazing from its official website here .

To these, we can certainly add thevideo editing apps for mac, which are essential for professionals in the sector. In the same way that theapplications that serve as a mixer on Mac, for, in this case, audio professionals. And if you're having trouble with your Mac, you can install apps so that someoneremote control mac,and evencontrol Mac from iPhone.