The Apple Watch would change its design 7 years later And there are photos! — 2022

Almost a decade has passed since the first Apple smartwatch was introduced. Specifically, 7 years have passed since that already distant event in September 2014. And despite the goodfeatures of the Apple Watch Series 6Many are already asking for an aesthetic change that could finally arrive this year with the new generation. This is how several analysts have been pointing out for months and it has now been confirmed again by the always prolific Jon Prosser, who has even shown images that illustrate it.

The few changes that have occurred in the Watch

Apple has always wanted to maintain the same aesthetic line in its smart watches, so we have not seen major changes in these years. In fact, we could see an original Apple Watch next to a Series 7 and not be able to distinguish them with the naked eye, at least if they are turned off. Because precisely the screen is one of the changes that the company has been making. It was in the transition from Series 3 to Series 4 that the bezels on the front panel were reduced, leaving the same clock size, but with a larger screen. And despite being small, it was a very remarkable change, although insufficient for many many years later.

Apple Watch Series 3 and SE

Where there have been obvious changes is in theApple Watch sensors, which are integrated into the part that is attached to the wrist. As the company has been introducing new health features, they have had to vary. The last change is very recent, since it was in the Series 6 where we saw changes to integrate the possibility of measuring oxygen in the blood. But beyond this, the general aesthetic line has been maintained in each of the versions.

The Series 7 would bring a 'very Apple' design

At the beginning of the year, Ming-Chi Kuo opened the ban on rumors of the next Apple Watch by talking about slight design changes. At that time many thought (we think) that perhaps it was a new optimization of the front, but over the months other analysts have emerged who have pointed out that they will change the aesthetics along the lines of what has already been seen on the iPad, iPhone and more recently on the iMac: design with flat edges and curved corners.

Jon Prosser , who has already leaked AirTag, AirPods Max and iMac designs, has now dared to reveal a render of what this watch will be. All this based on his secret sources within Apple. He further stated that he would come in a new green color . Obviously it is not about anything official, so we cannot say one hundred percent that this is going to happen, but knowing the level of success of this analyst and added to other similar reports of others, we can give a certain level of truth to information.

renders apple watch series 7

We will have to wait for September to clear up any doubts and find out what features come with this watch. Among the most demanded is a battery improvement and new health functions such as glucose measurement, although the latter could be delayed until 2022 due to the level of complexity that it entails and how revolutionary it could be for the medical sector in general.