The Apple Watch Series 6 and all the news you should know — 2022

Over the years, the Apple Watch has become essential for many users in terms of health and productivity. That is why, to improve this experience, the Cupertino company has launched the new Apple Watch Series 6. In this article, we analyze all its most notable features.

Design that reminds us of other generations

This new Apple Watch Series 6 can hardly be distinguished from the previous two generations in terms of design. The same dimensions and also the same screen size are kept. Without a doubt, it has been wanted to maintain the measures to which users have become accustomed. The problem that arises in this case is that it is difficult to realize that you have a new Apple Watch as they are identical. Where they differ most is undoubtedly on the back where the design of the sensors has been changed, as we will discuss below.

Apple Watch Series 6 Colors

This is a generation that has marked a before and after, especially in the colors that have been included in the boxes. Now they can be found in a new color blue and red (PRODUCT)RED. Different editions are included regarding the materials with which the Apple Watch has been built, keeping titanium, stainless steel and 100% recycled aluminum.

much brighter screen

The 'Always on display' function that was included in the previous generation has also been maintained in the Apple Watch Series 6 but improved. One of the shortcomings that was found is that the screen in idle mode could not be displayed correctly due to the lack of good lighting. That is why it is now much brighter, something ideal when you can find yourself in the street with a lot of ambient light. The display has been greatly improved in this way to view the information in an easy way without lifting a finger.

screen apple watch series

In addition, new functions have been added to the 'Always on display' mode. Control center can now be opened by swiping up or down to open notification center. This is something tremendously interesting to make more sense of this mode that could be a bit deprecated due to the lack of functions present.

Oxygen saturation measurement

One of the most important features of this new Apple Watch Series 6 lies in the new sensors that are included. Now in addition to real-time heart rate measurement or one-lead ECG, blood oxygen saturation can also be measured. A new native app has been included that allows you to take a measurement in just 15 seconds. After this time, a value is displayed as a percentage with the specific saturation. This data is obtained with LED arrays and four photodiodes built into the glass back of the watch. With these the green, red and infrared LEDs project light to the blood vessels of the wrist in order to measure the amount of reflected light. Obviously, these data cannot be analyzed in isolation, but a doctor must always be consulted to make an adequate interpretation.

oxygen measurement apple watch series 6

The Apple Watch should never be taken into account as a totally reliable medical device since the measurement is simply indicative. As we have said before, whenever there is some type of suspicion, the devices found in medical centers should be used. Keep in mind that oxygen saturation is a value that must be taken into account to detect some specific diseases. For example, sleep apnea can be detected with this sensor as measurements are taken at different points of the night while you rest to offer you an overview of the values ​​obtained in the morning. But other diseases like COVID-19 are not detected through this app.

In the end, this is a sensor that is designed for people who have lung or circulation problems, something very present in dependent people. It is true that there is a lack of a warning system for emergency personnel in the event that a drop in this value is detected.

ECG function is maintained

Apple is committed to maintaining health-related features that are working quite well. The possibility of performing ECG is also present in this new Apple Watch Series 6 but it is still limited. Electrocardiograms of a single lead can only be performed, but as we say, it is totally logical. You only have a single electrode that has not been enlarged in this generation.

Additionally, the heart rate sensor is also maintained, a classic in the Apple Watch, which has now also been enriched with the native sleep measurement function that has been included with watchOS 7.

Now yes: a better processor is included

Something that could surprise many users of the previous generation is that the processor was kept from the Series 4 except for a few small tweaks. This is something that has been solved in the Series 6 with the integration of a dual-core S6 chip that is based on the A13 Bionic present in the iPhone 11. With this processor, Apple guarantees that the speed has increased by 20% compared to to the previous generation. In this way the fluidity with which it is counted in this Series 6 will be increased in a significant way. This makes a lot of sense since with all the sensors that are included and the algorithms that must be carried out to produce all the necessary data, it is necessary to have a competent processor.

Apple Watch Series 6

New one-piece strap

Together with this Apple Watch Series 6, a new strap baptized as a single piece Solo Loop has been presented. In this way you can forget about all the closures and buckles that can be somewhat annoying when putting on and adjusting to the wrist. It is available in two different materials and in nine sizes that will fit your wrist perfectly. On the Apple website and in the company's own stores, a guide is made available to users to choose the size that best suits your wrist.

Correa Solo Loop Apple Watch Series 6

Going to talk about the materials, you can find a strap made of elastic and light silicone and another that has a braided texture. The latter manages to have such a characteristic texture by braiding silicone threads with more than 16,000 recycled polyester filaments.

Make the Apple Watch independent of the iPhone with LTE

In this generation of Apple Watch, the possibility of having LTE connectivity has also been maintained. In this way you can have an internet connection away from home without having to be connected to the iPhone. This allows you to receive notifications and phone calls without any problem. Obviously this is an option for which you will have to pay extra money and for which you must analyze whether it is worth it or not. It is certainly indicated in the event that you regularly do sports outside the home and want to be connected without having to always carry the iPhone with you, which can be somewhat annoying.

Apple Watch LTE

The charging system is now more efficient

One of the most criticized points of the Apple Watch is undoubtedly the battery that lasts no more than a day and a half. This is quite a problem if you need to use the Apple Watch to monitor your sleep throughout the night for several hours. This is why the Cupertino company has optimized induction charging to make it much more efficient. Now in just one hour the watch can charge up to 80% in just one hour. This is ideal for the situation that has been raised previously to have the watch fully recharged to go to bed or put it on in the morning to have it ready to go out to work.

charging apple watch

One thing to keep in mind when recharging your Apple Watch is that you won't find a charger in the box. The corresponding charging base is included but not the head to connect it to a plug. From Apple, due to environmental commitments, they have wanted to remove it from the packaging so that each of the users chooses whether they need it or not, depending on whether they already have one to spare at home.

The price remains stable

The price of these Apple Watch Series 6 has remained stable as in the previous generation, although in some EU countries it has been reduced by €20 due to the devaluation of the dollar against the euro. The price range varies depending on the type of material with which it is built, its size and also the connectivity that is included.

Aluminum box in different colors

  • 40mm size:
    • GPS model: €429.
    • GPS + LTE model: €529.
  • 44mm size:
    • GPS model: €459.
    • GPS + LTE model: €559.

Stainless steel case in different colors.

  • 40mm size:
    • GPS + LTE model: €779.
  • 44mm size:
    • GPS + LTE model: €829.

Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium case in different colors.

  • 40mm size:
    • GPS + LTE model: €879.
  • 44mm size:
    • GPS + LTE model: €929.

Hermès exclusive model

  • 40mm size:
    • GPS + LTE model: €1,329.
  • 44mm size:
    • GPS + LTE model: €1,379.

It should be borne in mind that, as is traditional, the Nike edition is also included, which has the same price as all the aluminum models that we have mentioned. Nike versions exclusively include different dials as well as standard straps that are unique to Nike.