The Apple Watch is once again crucial in detecting arrhythmias, this time it was a youtuber — 2022

Surely on some occasion you have heard or read that an Apple Watch has been the protagonist when it comes to helping a person with heart problems. On this website, in fact, there have been many stories that we have echoed. The Apple Watch has even been described at times as a lifesaver. This time we find another similar case, this time from an American youtuber.

Happy ending thanks, once again, to the Apple Watch

There is a general perception about smart watches in which they are understood as devices to see the time, receive notifications on the wrist and little else. However, they are much more than that today, especially in the case of the Apple Watch. The apple company has placed great emphasis on turning its wearable into a device focused on improving people's health and the reality is that it is achieving it.

Joel Telling is a youtuber from the United States who is in charge of a channel called 3D Priting Nerd , in which the focus is on 3D printers. It turns out that Telling was recently in the hospital, the victim of some worrying arrhythmias in his heartbeat. And how did she detect it? Thanks to your Apple Watch Series 4 .

Last night was fun. This is me in the ER because of tachycardia, with a pulse over 120bpm. Heart tests are fun.

— Joel Telling – 3D Printing Nerd (@joeltelling) January 13, 2020

Telling himself told his story through a Twitter thread, in which he explained that his watch sent you a notification detecting that his heart rate was greater than 120 beats per minute. She was obviously concerned and went to a nearby hospital, where they were able to verify that something was indeed wrong.

For the tranquility of the protagonist, and also of the rest, there was no major problem. Several tests were carried out in which they were able to rule out a possible pulmonary embolism and other serious conditions. He also ended by warning his followers about how important it is to heed any health warnings.

As we said at the beginning, this is not the first time that we know of a story of this type in which the Apple Watch is the protagonist. Thanks to the function of measuring heart rate and the possibility ofdo ECG on Apple WatchWith the Series 4 and 5, many people around the world have been able to detect serious heart problems.

He toowatch fall detectorand its subsequent notification to emergency contacts has been crucial for many users, especially elderly people. Therefore we find some functionalities very useful health that, although it cannot be treated as a conclusive medical instrument, the truth is that it is usually quite accurate.

We are glad that in the case of Joel Telling and others, the Apple Watch has not only been key but has prevented major consequences. The seriousness of cardiac pathologies is known as a general rule, so we make our own the words of the protagonist and encourage everyone not to miss this type of warning or others that may not be directly related to the Apple device. It is also useful in these casesset up medical data on iPhone.