The Apple Store prepares for the arrival of the new iPad — 2022

A few moments ago, the Apple Store online closed its doors to prepare the new devices that Californians will launch in a few hours. As we have already told you, this event will be very focused on the iPad, but we may see some more surprises.

In addition to the rumored products, Apple will also launch the new version of iOS 12.1 with some really interesting news, among them, the possibility of making a multiple video call by FaceTime.

In Spain the schedule of the event will be from 3:00 p.m. , an unusual schedule but that is nevertheless appreciated, so we will know ahead of time all the news presented in New York.

The Apple Store begins its preparation

That the company led by Tim Cook Closing your online store is completely normal on the day of the event. As you can imagine, this maintenance mode is used to introduce the new products in a safe and risk-free way that a user buys a product that perhaps a few hours later is out of date, lower in price or simply a new version appears.

We remind you that if you bought an Apple device a few days ago and you are more interested in some of the new features presented throughout today, you have two weeks to return or exchange the product, yes, only in official stores, both online and physical stores.

You have a summary of the most outstanding based on the leaks and rumors that have been appearing during all these days. The iPad Pro It has been one of the main targets in the leaks and rumors, luckily, there are only a few hours left to clear up any doubts and learn about its new features and design.

What do you expect from this new Apple event?

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