The Apple Store app is updated with interesting search improvements — 2022

The app Apple Store has received an update with very interesting news, such as a redesign in searches and the possibility of using voice dictation. In addition, now they will show us the items with the most visibility as a card. This app is very interesting for making some purchases if we don't have an Apple Store nearby. We can buy from iMac Pro even a case for our iPhone. That is, the entire existing Apple catalog available in the palm of our hand.

We currently enjoy the version 5.1 , where Apple has just added some improvements to the application, but really, the biggest news came with version 5.0, where it allowed the user to have a good user experience while viewing all the content of the application.

What's new in the Apple Store app

The new Interface search is very similar to the search engine of the App Store or iTunes Store. Support has also been added for searches for voice , we simply have to place ourselves in the search bar to activate the microphone and dictate our product.

As a review of the app with other novelties already implemented, we also have the possibility of finding products reconditioned . These products are certified by Apple, where we enjoy the same guarantee, the 14 days of courtesy to try the product and even sign up for AppleCare.

Returns and refunds at Apple: Convenient, fast and easy

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In section Discover We will see the news of the company in terms of available products, in addition to certain accessories that could be useful to us according to our purchases made previously. If we make a purchase or return, we will have all the information at the top so that we can see our activity quickly.

the app Apple Store is available for both iPhone and iPad, of course, it is completely free and you can access all your devices, orders, reservations or favorites. All this from a very visual and quite clear interface for the user, where you can find applications of all kinds, from your favorite social networks toapps to improve playing tennis.

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What do you think of the Apple Store app? Do you usually use it to make your purchases?