The Apple series based on Emily Dickinson: all the information — 2022

On November 1, 2019, Apple TV + arrived and with it the premiere of several series such as Dickinson, a comedy based on the life of the poet Emily Dickinson. In it we can see how behaviors of our time were already common in the nineteenth century. A series that lasted until 2021 with a total of 30 episodes divided into three seasons, which in turn set different times in the life of the writer.

The series stands out mainly for the cultural shock that Emily's character experiences with society. In the mid-nineteenth century, the time in which the poet on whom the series is based lived, there was another type of mentality regarding women and despite the fact that the environment and context are very well developed and show signs of really being that time , the truth is that the mentality of the protagonist could be that of any woman alive today. Some issues such as drugs, so evident in our times, do not escape the plots of this series.

Series technical data


    Creator:Alena Smith. Executive producers:Alena Smith, Michael Sugar, Ashley Zalta, Paul Lee, Alex Goldstone, Darlene Hunt y David Gordon Green. Classification:+12 Average duration per episode:30 minutes. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

Characters and actors

    Emily Dickinson,played by Hailee Steinfeld. Mister Dickinson,played by Toby Huss. Miss Dickinson, interpretado por Jane Krakowski. Austin, played by Adrian Blake Enscoe. Lavinia,played by Anna Baryshnikov. Sue, played by Ella Hunt.

Dickinson episodes and seasons

As we already anticipated, the series was divided into two seasons. On the one hand, we had the first in 2019, while the second was released at the beginning of 2021 and the third at the end of that same year.

Season 1

During the eight chapters which are part of the first batch of episodes, we can witness the life of Emily Dickinson, a young poet who declares herself in rebellion by refusing to follow the pre-established rules and getting married to become dependent on a man. She seeks to be different from other women. The obsession that she shows of having her for her death even leads him to dedicate poetry to her and see her at night. Not having the support of her family leads him down interesting paths.

Chapter 1 (1×01): Because I couldn't stop

Dickinson 1x01

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:34 minutes. Synopsis:Emily tries to publish a poem, but is not exempt from controversy and fights with those closest to her. She highlights in this episode the stellar appearance of Wiz Khalifa playing death.

Chapter 2 (1 × 02): I have never seen volcanoes

Dickinson 1x02

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:27 minutes. Synopsis:The prestigious Amherst Academy does not admit women, but this does not seem to be an impediment for Emily. He will try in every possible way to attend a conference.

Chapter 3 (1 × 03): Wild Nights

Dickinson 1x03

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:26 minutes. Synopsis:Emily and Austin decide to throw a party, but the feelings they both have for Sue create a tense situation that they will have to resolve if they don't want it to go any further.

Chapter 4 (1×04): I can't be alone

Dickinson 1x04

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:28 minutes. Synopsis:John Mullaney makes a starring appearance as a writer Emily goes to. The reason for this is that the young woman requires help when she finds that her favorite tree is threatened with being cut down.

Chapter 5 (1 × 05): I am afraid to possess a body

Dickinson 1x05

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:28 minutes. Synopsis:The Shakespeare Club, which Emily often attends, is having a meeting. In this act the young woman has to deal with a controversial issue.

Chapter 6 (1 × 06): A brief but patient illness

Dickinson 1x06

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:29 minutes. Synopsis:Emily is enjoying a day off and, as usual, uses it to write. In that trance she discovers that she maintains a curious connection with her father's assistant.

Chapter 7 (1 × 07): We can because we win

Dickinson 1x07

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:27 minutes. Synopsis:It's election day, in which Emily's father plays a key role. These are busy days, but this doesn't seem like a bad time for Emily as she tries to get a new poem published.

Chapter 8 (1 × 08): There is a certain inclination of light

Dickinson 1x08

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:32 minutes. Synopsis:Christmas arrives and with it Emily tries to be a good daughter, a good sister and a good woman in short, or at least in the sense in which she should be given the circumstances. In this episode we can enjoy Zosia Mamet as a guest star.

Chapter 9 (1 × 09): Faith is a good invention

Dickinson 1x09

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:32 minutes. Synopsis:The sky darkens to experience a spectacular solar eclipse, while Emily has to face the always long and feared shadow of death at home.

Chapter 10 (1 × 10): I felt a funeral, in my brain

Dickinson 1x10

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:30 minutes. Synopsis:Emily's world, at least as she knew it, begins to shake. Her relationships hang in the balance and she is faced with a new and challenging chapter in her life.
  • Second season

Season 2

Shortly after the series premiered, Apple already confirmed that they were shooting the second season of the series. This production ended in December 2019. The company announced in October 2020 the return date for the January 8, 2021 . On that day, the series premiered three new episodes, which will succeed the following until the season ends on February 26 of this year with the broadcast of the tenth episode.

Chapter 11 (2 × 01): Before I took out my eye

Dickinson 2x01

    Release date:January 8, 2021. Duration:29 minutes. Synopsis:Sue introduces Emily to Sam Bowles, a well-known newspaper editor who has a special interest in publishing works by women. This makes Emily completely unsettled by what she may have to come.

Chapter 12 (2 × 02): Fame is a fickle delicacy

Dickinson 2x02

    Release date:January 8, 2021. Duration:25 minutes. Synopsis:After having participated in a cake contest in the town of Amherst, Emily begins to be aware of what fame is and not precisely because of the good things that this brings her.

Chapter 13 (2 × 03): The only Ghost I've ever seen

Dickinson 2x03

    Release date:January 8, 2021. Duration:26 minutes. Synopsis:Emily is torn between letting Sam publish her work, so she sets up a surreal seance in order to get her questions answered.

Chapter 14 (2 × 04): The daisy is still submissive to the sun

2x04 Dickinson

    Release date:January 15, 2021. Duration:30 minutes. Synopsis:Emily begins to experience one of the most typical disorders of an artist: creative block. This is made even more apparent by not hearing from Sam in a while, so she herself decides to seek inspiration in a new place.

Chapter 15 (2×05): The Forbidden Fruit has a taste

Dickinson 2x05

    Release date:January 22, 2021. Duration:27 minutes. Synopsis:Emily finally ends up agreeing to be published by Sam, who has been trying very hard to get her poem published and now wants Emily to be his new big discovery. She is for the part of her goes to one of Sue's parties.

Chapter 16 (2 × 06): Open the lark

Dickinson 2x05

    Release date:January 29, 2021. Duration:29 minutes. Synopsis:Emily wants to thank Sam for everything he has done for her after publishing the novel and takes advantage of a night at the opera to do so. However, things did not quite turn out as she had planned in her head.

Chapter 17 (2×07): Eternity – is made up of nows

Dickinson 2x06

    Release date:February 5, 2021. Duration:27 minutes. Synopsis:Emily is going into a depression that is not good for her, derived mostly from having been to blame for her work not being published. Her mother tries to cheer her up and plans a trip to a spa to try to get her to unwind.

Chapter 18 (2 × 08): I am Nobody! Who are you?

2x08 Dickinson

    Release date:February 12, 2021. Duration:32 minutes. Synopsis:Emily finally sees a new dream come true with the final publication of her poem in Sam's newspaper, however she is surprised to have become a totally irrelevant character in the world. In this chapter there is also a new cameo from Wiz Khalifa.

Chapter 19 (2 × 09): I Like to See the Agony

2x09 Dickinson

    Release date:February 19, 2021. Duration:32 minutes. Synopsis:A political event of tremendous relevance ends up overshadowing the meeting of friends organized by Austin in which several former colleagues gather around tea with pastries.

Chapter 20 (2 × 10): You can't put out a Fire

Dickisnon 2x10

    Release date:February 26, 2021. Duration:27 minutes. Synopsis:In this last episode of the season, the entire town attends the christening of Jane's newborn baby. Emily for her part tries to battle with Sam with the firm objective of recovering all her poems.

Season 3

At the end of the year 2020, months before the broadcast of the second season, it was confirmed that Dickinson was renewed for a third batch of episodes. This was premiered on November 5, 2021 with the first three chapters. It should be noted that this is the last season of the series , ending all open frames.

Chapter 21 (3 × 01): Hope is a being with feathers

dickinson 3x01

    Release date:November 5, 2021. Duration:35 minutes. Synopsis:Elly tries to keep the peace with her loved ones, while the entire Dickinson family is in mourning after losing a family member in the War of Succession that was just beginning.

Chapter 22 (3 × 02): It's embarrassing to be Alive-

dickinson 3x02

    Release date:November 5, 2021. Duration:27 minutes. Synopsis:While the Dickinsons try to make a new life, Frazar Stearns must fulfill his duty by going to war.

Chapter 23 (3 × 03): The Soul has bandaged moments

dickinson 3x03

    Release date:November 5, 2021. Duration:29 minutes. Synopsis:Betty, the best seamstress in Amherst, joins Emily and Lavinia in a sewing organization created by both in order to help the troops so they can help their nation.

Chapter 24 (3×04): I can't be alone

dickinson 3x04

    Release date:November 12, 2021. Duration:28 minutes. Synopsis:Emily has no choice but to turn to writer John Mullaney for a helping hand when the threat of her favorite tree being cut down becomes apparent.

Chapter 25 (3 × 05): I sang from the Heart, Lord

dickinson 3x05

    Release date:November 19, 2021. Duration:34 minutes. Synopsis:In the middle of the war, a particular battle is created in the Dickinson house and all as a result of a failed attempt by Emily to celebrate her father's birthday with a family singing session.

Chapter 26 (3 × 06): A Little Madness in Spring

dickinson 3x06

    Release date:November 26, 2021. Duration:33 minutes. Synopsis:Henry is trying to help the soldiers with the uniform issue, while Emily's family organizes a quirky but fun field trip to an insane asylum.

Chapter 27 (3 × 07): The Future Never Spoke

dickinson 3x07

    Release date:November 26, 2021. Duration:33 minutes. Synopsis:The war is creating very stressful situations and not only for Austin, who carries many responsibilities behind him, but also for Emily herself, who seeks to escape after an argument with Sue.

Chapter 28 (3×08): My life had resisted – a Loaded Gun -

dickinson 3x08

    Release date:November 26, 2021. Duration:34 minutes. Synopsis:The hope of the Dickinson family is about to run out with the culmination of having to attend the funeral of a soldier. And although Emily makes efforts so that this does not happen, everything turns into a real hell.

Chapter 29 (3 × 09): Grief is a Mouse

dickinson 3x09

    Release date:November 26, 2021. Duration:32 minutes. Synopsis:Emily decides to take matters into her own hands so her family doesn't make the same mistakes again. For her part, the Amherst gang gathers for a painful farewell.

Chapter 30 (3×10): This was a Poet-

final dickinson serie 3x10

    Release date:November 24, 2021. Duration:34 minutes. Synopsis:While Emily is making preparations and asks Betty to help her make her new dress, a surprise visit shocks the Dickinson family.