The Apple Park is from this week the official headquarters of Apple — 2022

The Apple Park is a titanic construction that is still to be finished, although only a few minor details remain, since the offices themselves are already finished, so that part of the workers are already working in their facilities. But this campus was not yet registered as the official headquarters of the company before the American Treasury, until this week that they have officially made the change.

Apple Park is now the official headquarters of Apple

This change has deliberately coincided with the annual meeting of shareholders that was held this Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater from Apple Park. Among the documents that were distributed to the shareholders, this new address already appeared.

It is because of that From this Tuesday the fiscal address of the Cupertino company is Apple Park , removing the idea that they are in address limbo, and registering with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

all these changes they can already be seen reflected in the emails that the company sends to users as reported by 9to5mac, and since Appleinsider have confirmed the change by receiving an email from Apple Music with this correction already made.

This complex has taken more than 4 years to build, and although it is not yet fully finished, the migration of employees has already begun. Apple has already received permission to occupy 5 of the 12 sections of these facilities and soon the 12,000 employees who hope to occupy these offices in the future will end up moving.

Remember that a few days ago we uploaded an article with a video what n shows you the progress of Apple Park in February , where we can see that only the last details around the buildings remain.