The Apple movie that sweeps the best animations, how good is it? — 2022

TheWolfwalkers movie on Apple TV+It is leaving a very good taste in the mouths of the creators and the company itself, since in recent times it is not only receiving good reviews from users, but it is also being nominated for important awards. Last week he couldn't get hold of a Golden Globe for best animated film of 2020, which fell on Disney + Soul, but was among the candidates. Now it has crept into several categories of the Annie Awards.

Wolfwalkers triumphs at the Annie's

The next April 16th The 48th edition of the well-known Annie Awards will be held, awards given in Los Angeles to the best animated films of the year. For health reasons, this year it will be broadcast electronically without an in-person event, which does not detract from the importance of the lucky nominees. In the absence of knowing the verdict, the Apple film accumulates neither more nor less than 10 nominations in different categories:

  • Best Independent Feature Film
  • Best special effects
  • best character design
  • best character animation
  • best address
  • best soundtrack
  • best production
  • Mejor Storyboard
  • Best Original Dubbing
  • Best screenplay

Without a doubt, there are not a few categories and if we take into account the relevance of these, we can take for granted that the simple fact of being nominated should already serve the creators to feel proud.


What is the film about?

We remember that Wolfwalkers premiered last December and that since then it has been available to all Apple TV + users, and can be seen on demand at any time. Toom Moore and Ross Stewart are the creators of a film written by Will Collins and that places us around the story of Robyn Goodfellowe, a young girl who travels to Ireland with her father, who goes on a wolf hunt.

During the course of the animation we can witness the adventures of the young woman after entering the forest and crossing paths with another girl who is said to have a powerful secret that would allow her to become a wolf. Obviously it is a film focused on the smallest of the house, but it is no less special for adults, who also learn valuable lessons during more than 1 hour and 40 minutes that it lasts.

Apple content goes up

Probably one of the biggest complaints about Apple TV + is its limited catalog when compared to other major platforms. Although little by little there is considerable content, the truth is that the platform is beginning to create its own seal of quality in each of the productions. Whether in animation categories like Wolfwalkers or in adult content.

Ted Lasso Apple TV + series

The Morning Show opened the nominations beda in 2020 thanks to the excellent production led by actors such as Jennifer Aniston or the award-winning Billy Crudup. More recently we have Ted Lasso, a series starring Jaison Sudeikis that has also won several nominations and has even recently won Sudeikis a Golden Globe for best comedy actor.