The Apple logo has not always been like this: we tell you its story — 2022

Apple like any other company is characterized by a logo. And although we currently all have a very clear design in our minds of a gray bitten apple this has not always been the case. In recent years this has changed quite a bit since its origins in the last century. In this article we tell you one of the stories behind Apple.

This was the first Apple logo

At the beginning of everything, the Apple logo was not at all similar to the one we know today. Obviously it was a company that was starting to work and that is why we are not surprised that such a non-serious logo was used . To get to the point we are talking about a logo that represented Newton under an apple tree writing with the name of the company surrounding it. The only thing in common between this logo and the current one is the presence of an apple, although in this case it is not the absolute protagonist. In addition to the portrait of Newton, a small phrase was accompanied that said:

Newton...a mind forever traveling the strange seas of thought...alone

Going into history a bit, this characteristic logo was designed by the third unknown founder of Apple Ron Wayne . The truth is that it did not fully penetrate the company and that is why it lasted only one year until something more modern was given way and it coincides more with what we know today.

The jump to the rainbow apple

Seeing that the Newton logo did not quite add up, it was Steve Jobs himself who commissioned Rob Janoff for a new logo. It was at this time that the already mythical bitten apple was designed that would go down in history as an image that represents a great story and a great company, although at that time it was not known.

apple rainbow logo

Obviously the job of designing is not easy at all. That is why Rob Janoff had to buy different types of apples at the market to get inspiration for different cuts. In the end, Steve Jobs approved the 'bite' that we know right now, but he asked him to humanize the company a little. In order to satisfy this request, six color bands were included in no order, except for the first one, which is green for obvious reasons.

Without a doubt, at the end of the 70s, an authentic icon was created that we associate perfectly with the Apple brand, and that is a thousand times better than the first logo that the company had. But obviously it was not perfect and had to undergo some modifications to adapt to the new times that were coming.

The monochrome apple, a leap in elegance

When Steve Jobs returned to the company in the 1990s, he wanted to make many changes, including a change in logo. Although the colors of the bitten apple were very pretty, the truth is that they had become totally obsolete and that is why a redesign with colors was chosen. gray and black and white . With this important step, progress was made in having much more serious and professional products for a business public that was looking for a team with which to work in an office. In addition, having to reproduce the marked colors exactly was a real odyssey and that is why everything was greatly facilitated within the company with this decision.

From 1998 to the present the logo has undergone some changes, starting with being completely black, going in 2001 to a metallic blue color and in 2007 to a gray color with a line in the center. But all of these kept the elegance of presenting a single color.

Apple mono logos

Javier Argudo

The current company logo

Apple has wanted to go a long way in the minimalism of its products, following the trend of the market in general. That is why the logo that prevailed in the end is the one we know until now with a rather sober color in somewhat soft gray.

gray apple logoBut in the end, the color is the least important since the true icon of the company is the shape of the logo. The bitten apple will undoubtedly go down in history as a sign of evolution and also of innovation. In the future we will not know what color they will put this logo, but what is totally clear is that its shape will not change.

And you, do you like the current icon of the company?