The Apple Card is getting closer to reaching Europe, as confirmed by Tim Cook — 2022

Munich, the capital of the German region of Bavaria, is currently in full celebration of Oktoberfest 2019. The world-famous beer fair hosts illustrious guests every year and this year one of them is being the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook . Precisely from this city, the executive has spoken about the possible arrival of the Apple Card in Germany and, consequently, in the rest of the European countries, among which it is intuited that Spain will be.

The arrival of Apple Card in Spain would be very close

At the end of March of this year, a special Apple event was held in which they presented their services in society. Among these was the Apple Card, the credit card of the apple company that put the icing on the cake of a new panorama of the company focused on a different sector from that of products as we had been accustomed to historically.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook at the Oktoberfest 2019 in Munich

Under the slogan of having a healthy financial life , the Apple Card was introduced in partnership withsucculent advantages compared to other existing ones. It is issued by Master Card and managed by Goldman Sachs and Apple itself. Many of the curiosities of this card are noteworthy, from its titanium design to the peculiarity of not having any number inscribed in order to guarantee the security and privacy of its owner.

this credit card started reaching US customers a couple of months ago and at the moment it is only in this country where it can be requested. However, there have been several occasions in which it has been known that the intentions of Goldman Sachs and Apple is to extend it to new territories, as is the case with any other service or product that bears the signature of the Cupertino company.

As we said at the beginning of this article, Tim Cook is in Germany visiting several of the company's facilities and, of course, enjoying the popular Munich beer festival. In statements to the German media picture , Cook stated that are prepared to take the Apple Card to any country , in such a way that all users can use it tobuy clothes in your favorite appsor access it at any local establishment. All this in a context in which he was asked about the arrival of the card in Germany, although the CEO made it clear in his response that he would not remain alone there and we understand that territories such as Spain they might as well get it.

In the main countries of the European Union we have certain tax peculiarities, as well as laws and other regulations that distance us from what is seen in the United States. With this panorama clear, it is clear that the launch of a financial product such as the Apple Card is somewhat more complex than a 'simple' iPhone or iPad. Therefore, it is understood that Apple is studying all the scenarios with the aim that in our country we can also enjoy similar advantages to the Americans with the card.

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