The AirTags would hit the market in two different sizes — 2022

The launch of the new AirTags is still a real mystery since there have been many dates that have been considered in recent weeks. Despite the fact that everything indicated that they were going to be presented together with the new iPhone 12, in the end they were delayed to a still undetermined date. Although, the characteristics that emerge from this new accessory do not stop emerging and now it is aimed at the sizes that will reach the market.

Details of the AirTags are becoming known

The already renowned leaker L0vetodream has published new information about the AirTags on his Twitter account. This details that this new accessory will hit the market in two different sizes . At first it was thought that all AirTags would be the same size, but now it is known that one of these will be larger. Obviously all this should be understood as a simple rumor that comes from a reliable source but has not yet been confirmed. We say that this leaker has some confidence because of his history. Not so long ago hints about this accessory were provided.

Until now it is known that the design that these AirTags will have will be circular with the Apple logo on the front. This was known thanks to an internal compilation of iOS 13 that gave different clues. Obviously, to guarantee its fastening, an adhesive part will be included so that it can be adhered to specific objects or simply a fastening point so that it can be used on as many products as possible. Where there is more controversy is in the type of battery that will be integrated. Although some believe that they will be batteries that can be exchanged, others point to a rechargeable battery.

What is known for sure is that these AirTags will take advantage of ultra-wideband technology. This will have as its main mission accurate tracking even when it is indoors. All management will be carried out through the 'Search' app on any device within the ecosystem. This will be really useful to avoid losing your wallet forever or even having your car always located.

The fact that there are different sizes, as is now being rumored here, can be useful for many users. Having a smaller size can be something vital to always have it in a bag without taking up much space. And the larger size, which can hold more battery, can be used in a bag or in a car where it doesn't need to be so small.

When will they be released?

The big question on the minds of many users right now is when they will hit the market. The most recent rumors suggest that Apple could hold a new event next November 17. In this it is expected that the new Macs with an ARM processor will see the light but it could also have a place for these AirTags. But as we say, the date is still very much up in the air, since while Prosser claimed that it could be delayed until 2021, other sources point to a much more recent date.