AirPort docks begin to disappear from Apple Store Online — 2022

The AirPort bases are already disappearing from the Apple Store, something that does not surprise us because a few weeks ago it was reported by Apple of the completion of its production , probably due to low sales that had its range of routers that, on the other hand, they had abandoned because they had not renewed it for more than five years.

The AirPorts begin to disappear...

The AirPort Extreme was the first product to sell out in the US, although at the moment a new batch of units has arrived, still persisting the Express or Capsule range. In other countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan or Singapore where these products are still available, although with limited units, and soon sold out.

In our country, Spain, as in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany or France, do not look for these routers in the Apple Store Because they just disappeared although if you go to a physical store you may end up finding a unit that is left over.

As I was saying, the Cupertino company stated that these routers would end up disappearing as the last available units run out , since no more has been manufactured. Its end, on the other hand, was clear, since we had been five years without seeing a renewal of this device, outdated compared to the competition that exists in the market, one of those responsible for its low sales that have motivated this decision.

Of course, do not worry if you have recently bought one, because from the company they affirmed that their support will persist for a few more years, although it does have an expiration date when it comes to receiving security updates.

From Apple they have also taken the opportunity to make a document that gives us some guidelines for choose a new router suitable for our products from the Apple ecosystem, although Amazon we can find numerous very interesting alternatives, and of course, do not forget to visit RedesZone , where they make interesting reviews of Routers that can come in handy.

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