The AirPods are no longer in stock in the Spanish Apple Store — 2022

Most analysts say that by the end of this month we will have a new Apple event where we will see the new iPad Pro Besides Second generation AirPods. Although this event is not yet confirmed, today the Apple Store Online in European countries has given us a clue by showing that there is no stock of AirPods. You don't have to be very smart to think that a renovation is coming...

This clue shows us that the second generation AirPods are just around the corner since if there is no stock in the Apple online store It is undoubtedly because they are preparing a second generation of these wireless headphones. to present soon.

It is very curious that the AirPods were in stock a few hours ago and we could order them without any problem, and now by magic have disappeared seems to be all these units that were available . We have to say that this has only happened in the European Apple Store Online such as the one in Spain or France, but in the US they are still available for immediate shipment.

We all look forward to the Apple event will be held on October 30 and that in the next few days the corresponding invitations be sent to the media and other guests to be able to see the presentation of these new AirPods with the new iPad Pro, and we obviously hope that the new wireless charging case will also arrive along with the desired AirPower. This can also fully affect when making a replacement which is asolution in case one of the AirPods starts to fail.

This AirPods They will come as a glove for this Christmas campaign, Since we must remember that the demand for these wireless headphones has been quite high these months, so we have no doubt that these new headphones will be a sales success this Christmas.

These AirPods 2 will arrive with interesting news such as water resistance or a chip that allows us to invoke Siri through a voice command such as the typical Hey Siri, just as Apple itself dropped us in the presentation of the past September 12.

Leave us in the comment box if you want Apple to present the second generation of AirPods, will you end up buying it?