The 5 innovations of the iMac 2022 that everyone expects — 2022

Having already closed the list of Apple launches for this year, it's time to think about what's to come in 2022. There will be many new devices and maybe the odd surprise, but without a doubt one of the most anticipated is the large iMac , which could even bear the Pro surname after the disappearance of this range in 2021. And what features are we all looking forward to the most? Do they match the leaks? We analyze it.

Wishes vs Reality with the future iMac

The first great wish of the users is also practically a fact and that is that it carries inside a Apple Silicon . It would be rare that after starting the transition from Intel to these, the company backed down. Now, the doubt revolves around whether they will mount the future M2 or the M1 Pro and M1 Max recently presented with the new MacBook Pro. What users expect is the latter and based on the leaks, we can happily say that everything points to what these chips will actually be, which will give it tremendous power to be able to carry out tasks such asedit different video tracks in Final Cut Pro.

Comparative M1

Without neglecting the components, there are those who also hope that RAM can be changed with ease as already happens in the 27-inch iMac. It is a very interesting option that leaves it up to the user to be able to go for more when he needs it, but we are pessimistic with the idea that it incorporates it knowing the structure of Apple chips, which integrate this memory within the device itself. chip.

As far as the screen respect, potential customers of this iMac expect Apple to leave behind the 27 inches to accommodate a panel of at least 32 inches, while maintaining the same size by reducing edges. Unfortunately, this seems to be the most uncertain now, since the rumors say one thing and the opposite. There are those who affirm that it will continue to be 27 inches so as not to overshadow the Pro Display XDR and those who bet that it will finally grow diagonally. Be that as it may, what is expected is that they will have miniLED panels with a 120 Hz refresh rate, another novelty inherited from the recent MacBook Pro.

The fourth great desire also has to do with the design and it is that the colors are taking more and more importance in all the ranges of Apple products. The 24-inch iMac is a great example of this, although it does not confirm that the big one is on the same line. Moreover, according to what Apple does with its most advanced ranges, it would not be surprising if they finally incorporated more neutral colors such as silver and space gray. Although, without a doubt, many professionals would also be delighted with shades of green, yellow, red and even pink.

imac m1 2021

Colors of the current 24-inch iMac

The fifth and last wish with which we close this round is related to an old Apple acquaintance: the price . We know that Apple does not sell low-end products and that its prices are not the most popular, so it does not seem that this iMac is going to be the exception. However, with what has already been seen in the Macs of this last year, the price may be high and yet be more democratized, even going down compared to Intel. And it is that the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max offer higher performance and better specifications for less price than these almost extinct Apple computers with Intel processors.

Will the forecasts be fulfilled? There will be surprises? I wish we knew. Luckily, and again based on the leaks, it would be in March or April when Apple would launch this device. Therefore, although there are several months to go, the countdown has already begun and we will surely discover many things in advance.