The 5 apps that should never be missing on your Mac, did you already know them? — 2022

They are many and variedprograms that we can find on Mac computers. In fact there are as many as there are user profiles. Now, there are some applications that we consider essential for practically any type of user and that in fact are the ones that we recommend installing first as soon as you turn on a Mac for the first time. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading.

Turn on your Mac and install these apps right now

We start talking about Magnet , a tool available in the App Store and that despite being paid, does not have a very high price and it can be very helpful to have it. What it allows is better organize open windows on Mac that are open, even creating keyboard shortcuts that facilitate this. If you work with several applications open simultaneously, it will come in handy, and if your Mac has a large screen on top of that, all the better.

Magnet Mac multiple windows

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Clean My Mac is another essential application, since it has a multitude of functions that make your Mac works much better . From cleaning junk files, freeing up RAM or disk space, to finding possible malware that is infecting your computer. It also has a very interesting function such as completely deleting applications without leaving a trace of them, thereby optimizing the device's space.


Descargar Clean My Mac

We can also meet dozens of messaging apps on mac and it is that if you want to be productive with the computer, it will be essential that you download yours. Telegram, WhatsApp Desktop, Slack... There are many that you can find and most of them can even be downloaded from the Mac App Store itself and that can be used to send large files from your Mac.

Mac messaging apps and programs

And if you come from Windows, you probably miss the Office suite, which by the way is also available on macOS. However the options free from Pages, Keynote y Numbers they are the Apple equivalents for Word, Powerpoint and Excel. They offer equally powerful tools and the good thing about them is that they can be exported to various formats, and can also be transformed into Office documents. They are not installed by default, so you will have to search for them in the App Store.


Pages Pages Descargar QR-Code Pages Developer: Apple Keynote Keynote Descargar QR-Code Keynote Developer: Apple Numbers Numbers Descargar QR-Code Numbers Developer: Apple

Photoscape is an application of photo editing very little known and yet offers very powerful functions even in its free version . It can be downloaded from the App Store and offers the possibility of editing a multitude of photo parameters, adding effects, cropping them, working with multiple layers, creating collages... If you're not a professional in Photoshop and the like, this shouldn't be missing from your Mac .

photoscape mac

PhotoScape X - Photo Editor PhotoScape X - Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code PhotoScape X - Photo Editor Developer: Mooii Tech

Bonus: what you need if you have an Apple Silicon

With the arrival of Macs with M1 chips, many applications have had to adapt to the ARM architecture of these Apple chips. There is already a huge list of apps that already work natively in them, while others work through the Rosetta 2 code translator and there are a few that still don't work one way or the other. And how can you know what those applications are? Well, there is a web page that allows you to see in real time what applications already work on these computers and how they do it, even having a search engine. It has been created altruistically by the developer Abdullah Diaa and you can access it by pressing here .