Thanks to the new digital canon we will pay more for an iPhone — 2022

Yesterday, July 3, the new digital canon entered into force in Spain, which comes to be a tax that applies to smartphones, tablets, hard drives and all those devices that serve to store content, such as DVDs.

There are precedents for something similar in Spain, since in 2010 another digital canon was approved that ended up being repealed by the Padawan ruling. This sentence affirmed that the tax could not fall on devices that were used by companies, so since it was not known for sure which had been sold to companies and which to individuals, this canon could not be applied in a fair manner.

How much extra expense does this digital canon entail?

We are aware that everything that sounds like canon, tax, rate and other words that remind us of the Treasury can make us think that they are going to put a good pen in our pocket, but we are pleased to tell you that this is not the case. With this new digital canon It will be the manufacturers who will have to decide who will pay this tax, and as almost always, it is most likely that the ones who will have to pay directly will be the consumers.

With the new digital canon our pockets will 'suffer' a little more when buying a new electronic device.

Do not be alarmed, we know that you are thinking that you are going to have to take out your savings to be able to face this canon if you want to buy a new mobile, but as we have told you, it is not like that, since the extra expense will be quite small:

  • The CD and DVD will see their price increased by 21 cents, which may mean the end of their days, since if right now they are used every day by fewer people with this new tax, they could fall further into oblivion if possible.
  • The tablet have a slightly steeper rise, €3.15.
  • The smartphones will suffer a rise of 1.10 euros, and you will tell us that it is not much and with all reason, but it will be here when we realize to what extent the companies and manufacturers are willing to assume this expense. Don't you think it would be quite 'ugly' of him to charge this minimal supplement on his buyers?
  • hard drivesare the most affected by this Royal Decree-Law, since their final price will be 12 euros more than before.

Hard drives and SSDs, with their rise of 12 euros, are the most affected by this digital canon.

And this is the end of the rise in prices of electronic devices that come from the hand of this new digital canon. On the one hand, to say that although these price increases are not very high, they are carried out in a sector of this market that is one of the most popular with users, so time will tell how this sits with buyers. And you, what do you think of the price increases marked by the new digital canon? Do you think they are appropriate or do you consider any of them abusive?

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