Test your brain with these thinking games for iPhone — 2022

The brain, like any other part of the body, must be exercised daily to reduce the probability of suffering from some type of disease. To do so, there are numerous games to think about in the App Store with riddles, puzzles or crosswords that are ideal for these situations. In this article we collect the best ones that you should have installed on your device.

Ideal games to think



This game consists of being able to guess the common word between four photographs or GIFs that will be shown to you. Although it may seem like it is something quite simple, it can be quite complicated. Finding four common points in several images is a great challenge for your mind. Includes 3,000 classic levels or special levels. You can always turn to your friends as if it were the wild card of the public. The application gives you the possibility to go to social networks to ask for help.

Thinking Thinking Descargar QR-Code Thinking Developer: ICO Group

We are 2

WE 2

If you are a lover of puzzles that are a real challenge for your mind, this is the best game you can face. The objective is to convert all the pieces of the puzzle to a single color in the shortest possible time. The truth is that this fact can end up despairing since of the 100 challenges that are proposed, each one is more complicated than the previous one. What you must always achieve is to find the trick that each of the puzzles includes in order to pull it off.

WE 2 WE 2 Descargar QR-Code WE 2 Developer: State of Play Games

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

At first this game may seem quite easy since you just have to get candy for an adorable monster. But the process is not something very simple. Each of the levels included in this game is more difficult than the previous one based on physics and speed. Each of the movements you make is possible to ruin the fact of taking your candy. For example, you will have to cut a rope at the right moment for your monster to take the candy and physics is something quite important to take into account.

Cut the Rope Cut the Rope Descargar QR-Code Cut the Rope Developer: ZeptoLab UK Limited

Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2

One of the most mythical games is without a doubt worded. Facing friends or family to be able to have one of the most complete words on the board is a real challenge. With this game you can easily do it with all your friends wherever you are with lots of word games and crossword puzzles to play with friends while you are exercising your brain. Obviously it is not something easy at all, and so that your brain is always active you will be able to earn daily rewards with some of the objectives that can get in the way.

Words With Friends 2 Words With Friends 2 Descargar QR-Code Words With Friends 2 Developer: Zynga Inc.

Brain Test: Tricky Riddles

Brain Test

Riddles can entertain more than one mind and especially if they are complex. With this game you can assess your level of intelligence since a multitude of very addictive and misleading riddles are proposed so that you can play on a daily basis. It is not limited to a specific age but is open to all users, being very simple and very fun. The only problem that can arise is that between riddle and riddle there is a series of ads to generate income.

Brain Test: Tricky Riddles Brain Test: Tricky Riddles Descargar QR-Code Brain Test: Tricky Riddles Developer: Unique Studio LLC

riddles and riddles

riddles and riddles

Without a doubt this is one of the best puzzle apps. From little riddles for kids to smart riddles for adults. It has more than 150 levels designed to be able to enhance your intelligence at all times and keep your mind entertained and trained. On occasion it is possible that you end up getting stuck in some of the challenges that are put in front of you, but you can always get help from the application itself and even from your friends through social networks.

Riddles and Riddles Riddles and Riddles Descargar QR-Code Riddles and Riddles Developer: TEDRA SOFT SRL



A classic in the App Store is undoubtedly Trivia Crack. You can face your friends in Trivial online and show who knows more about history, science, sports, literature or art. The one who manages to have all the badges in the game wins. Something interesting is that it is open to everyone and there is a time limit for answering, preventing you from searching the Internet for the solution to the question that is going to be asked.

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If you really want to keep your mind trained and think about the moves you should make at all times, Sodoku is a must-play. It is typical to find it on the back pages of newspapers or in books that compile several of these exercises. Available in different levels of difficulty and at all times you can count on help in case you get stuck with a number.

Sudoku.com - Brain Games Sudoku.com - Brain Games Descargar QR-Code Sudoku.com - Brain Games Developer: Easybrain

And you, what game do you use to exercise your mind?