telepod? This and other names that Apple handled for its iPhone mobile — 2022

The term 'iPhone' right now is internalized in practically all users. To almost anyone you say that word, they automatically associate it with the Apple mobile device. But the truth is that this could have been very different, since the Cupertino company had many other names on the table to call this iconic device. In this article we tell you all the options that existed, which will surely surprise you.

The candidates to name the 'iPhone'

Different people who were among the conversations about the commercial name of the iPhone have been revealing the name candidates over time. This device began its journey through the codename ' purple2 '. Obviously this was something that remained internal to Apple and was not going to come out with that name. Within the marketing department, a name had to be found that would have a hook and that would easily identify the product. Although people who do marketing work can be underestimated, the truth is that they have a fairly complex task ahead of them.

Although iPhone was one of the first options considered for this new device, there were many candidates. One of them was ' Telepod ' in order to give an air of modernity to the word telephone. We must remember that Apple wanted to revolutionize this equipment that was already on the market. Finally we have seen how the 'pod' suffix has been used in other devices such as the iPod itself.

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The second option that was considered was Mobi '. As is logical, this is the abbreviated version of 'Mobile' which means mobile in Spanish. He was a strong candidate as he had a lot of creativity abroad. The third candidate may be the most interesting since he was ' Tripod '. This comes from the word 'Tripod' and was thought of as an option since the iPhoen was conceived as a union between a telephone, an iPod and an internet communication device. Three great concepts that merged into one to revolutionize the market and that could have perfectly received this name, having a great impact within the marketing team.

The last option that was raised and that would be rescued in the future with the tablet was ' iPad '. Although this name is now closely associated with the company's tablets, it was originally intended for the mobile communication device. Undoubtedly today, anyone can raise their hands to their heads when thinking of an iPad when actually talking about a mobile. But actually the iPad is ultimately an iPhone with a bigger screen, so it wouldn't have been silly.

Finally, on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs officially presented the iPhone that has evolved until today, although theiPhone launchIt did not take place until June 29, 2007. But the truth is that the chosen name was not without controversy. At the same time, the 'iPhone' brand was officially registered by another company, 'Cisco'. Finally, after an agreement between both companies, they were able to collaborate on projects together and release this device with the name we all know, which is iPhone.