Telegram returns to the Apple Watch with its latest update — 2022

A few months ago we saw how the Telegram application disappeared from our Apple Watch accompanied by other applications, but with its latest update they have returned to support the Apple smart watch. version 5 from Telegram as we said came loaded with news At the code level, it has been written in an integral way in Swift, Apple's programming language, making the performance of the Apple ecosystem teams wonderful.

Telegram returns to the Apple Watch

Although in September Apple released this update announcing the reprogramming of the application with the language of Swift , they did not make any kind of mention of support with the Apple Watch until today.

Telegram on iPhone

As we said, today they have released a new update with a big change: compatibility with the Apple Watch. This is very good news for all users of the Apple smart watch as it will allow us to send messages through our watch in a very simple way, something that we could already do before but that they snatched us

The development team may have decided to remove your app from the Apple Watch for at least s various performance issues and they have waited until developing in Swift that works more adequately on this watch, so the user experience is much better, something that developers are always looking for.

We recommend you go to the App Store to download this update for free and test this support on your watch, which at the moment works quite correctly, although it will improve update after update.

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