Telegram is updated by adding the long-awaited dark mode — 2022

Yesterday, Telegram released version 4.6 of its application for both iOS and Android. In the operating system for iPhone we have been able to see an interesting novelty that many of us claimed and that we saw on TelegramX, real dark mode . Something that Apple did not surprise us with was incorporating the dark mode natively in iOS 11, but the applications adapt to the requests of users such as Twitter, Wikipedia , and this time Telegram.

Dark mode, finally, on Telegram

Although it is true that we had Telegram X to be able to have the dark mode, users are more convinced to have the usual application. That is why the developers of this messaging application They have surprised us with the last update of the year incorporating this theme to their application.

In the iPhone X that have OLED technology on their screens, this saves battery life, since black is interpreted by turning off the pixel, consuming less. That is why, if you have an iPhone X, you will be interested in having this mode to extend, although little, the autonomy of your battery. If you want to activate it, you just have to go to Settings > Appearance > Night.

We have also seen this version on Android, with the difference that in Google's operating system they have incorporated quite an interesting functionality, the possibility of having several Telegram accounts on the same phone. This may be interesting for entrepreneurs who want to have separate work and personal life, but in iOS we will have to wait predictably, since there are no expectations that it will arrive soon.

It is also worth noting that they have given the application a Christmas touch, changing the settings logo for a snowflake or the silhouette of a person in Contacts, they have placed a Christmas hat on it. They are quite curious little touches that attract attention. Leave us in the comment box what you think of this update.