Telegram is down again on most devices — 2022

Telegram goes from fall to fall in its service. The last time we saw a connection loss on Telegram was yesterday and in less than 48 hours the service has fallen again for most users in the world, although and even Telegram has not wanted to launch any kind of statement on social networks where they usually communicate with users.

Telegram is down again

The safest thing is that this fall is punctual and the service will resume in the next few minutes or hours, so your device will surely start vibrating with a barrage of messages about whether the service is operational or not in the near future.


It is totally outrageous that not a day has passed between one fall and the next and all this without giving any type of explanation to the user of the reasons why we have stopped receiving our messages or we have left conversations halfway through. It should be remembered that Telegram yesterday did not give any kind of explanation through its official channels and today it is going the same way.

The meme that WhatsApp is the instant messaging application that suffers the most falls it will soon make no sense since Telegram is dangerously close to bad service in this regard.

If it is true that Telegram is having several problems with Apple and its conflict with Russia , who requested that this application be removed from the Store to prevent sensitive information from being disclosed among the country's inhabitants that would directly affect the Kremlin.

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