Telegram for iOS is updated with important news — 2022

One of the best instant messaging applications, Telegram , just updated for iOS with important improvements.

We start with a new music player integrated, a new mode of real time location , more control in the super groups, easier recognition of the messages of the administrators in the groups.

In addition, new languages ​​have been added, where Telegram offers the possibility of sending our own translations (suggestions) if we see that they are not well translated in our language.

new music player

The new music player allows us to have a very visual list with playlists directly on Telegram . In order to test it, a channel with music for free use has been enabled, except for the commercial sphere.

This channel has been enabled exclusively to be able to test this new player, you can access it through this link . Currently there are 12 quite interesting musical themes.

Real-time location

This function is really interesting, now we can send our location to a group of friends where you are going to go updating automatically if we move from one place to another.

Before sending our position, Telegram will ask us how long we want the geolocation to be active, from 15 minutes, 1 or 8 hours. Although we can suspend the location at any time.

This is very practical so you don't have to constantly send the location. The activation of the localization in real time , is accompanied by a reminder at the top, so that we do not forget that we are sending our location in real time.

Acknowledgment of administrator messages

Now when we're in a group chat, we can see more easily the messages you have left and the group administrator , a little more prominent than those of the rest of its users.

In addition, you can also control if we want new users who join a group to be able to view history messages of the group or just since they joined.

These novelties can be found in Telegram latest update , specifically in the iOS version 4.4.

What do you think of these Telegram news? Do you often use this app?