Team play, fouls and goals. App Store Soccer Games — 2022

There are those of us who love football but, luckily or unfortunately, we are not as good at playing it as we are at watching it. For us, and of course for the rest, there are video games. In this article we highlight the best soccer games available on the iOS and iPadOS App Store.

Take off your soccer jumpsuit

On many occasions, being able to enjoy a soccer game can take away the monkey of catching the ball, putting on your boots and going to play soccer, however, this does not always depend on you, also on gathering a group of friends and even on the weather conditions, therefore, if at any time you can't enjoy the king of sports by practicing it, you can always turn to your iPhone or iPad to enjoy these soccer games.

Best soccer games on iOS and iPadOS

The applications are becoming more complete and have more options and better graphics, and in the end it's almost like playing on a console. In fact, more and more games that were designed for consoles have been adapted and have created applications so that you can enjoy your favorite video game from your Apple device.

FIFA Soccer

EA Games developers usually release a new version of the popular FIFA for video consoles every year, however, the mobile version is different. In iOS and iPadOS we find this version that what it does is update the templates annually. It has all the modalities of team management and game , although with obvious differences in graphics but also guaranteeing hours of fun.

Undoubtedly one of the most famous video games in the world. Keep certain distances with the video game version, but it is a good application that offers practically the same possibilities as if we were playing from home. With very good quality graphics and really easy controls, FIFA offers a very good application to not lose the pace of the game while away from home.

FIFA Soccer FIFA Soccer Descargar QR-Code FIFA Soccer Developer: Electronic Arts

eFootball PES 2020

If there is another outstanding football title, it is Konami's PES. The mobile version of this 2020 has improved considerably compared to the 2019 version thanks to the arrival of new game modes such as Matchday mode or improved graphics. Put yourself in the shoes of a coach and beat your rivals to take your team to the top.

Another of the most famous games for consoles that has not wanted to be left behind in applications. With an improved format, you can enjoy one of the best-selling games on your Apple device. It offers the same possibilities as the video game for consoles, which makes the experience with this app really good.

eFootball PES 2021 eFootball PES 2021 Descargar QR-Code eFootball PES 2021 Developer: KONAMI

Dream League Soccer 2020


The best FIFPro experience you puts you in the heart of the action with a renewed appearance that also incorporates new functions. You will be able to form the team of your dreams with more than 3,500 real players and also face as many other teams in their different modalities. One of the most addictive games in this sense that you will find.

With some of the best graphics on the panorama of these games, this application stands out for being able to create a team with the players you like the most from all over the world of soccer. In addition, you will also be able to face real teams with their real squads in the stadiums where they normally play.

Dream League Soccer 2022 Dream League Soccer 2022 Descargar QR-Code Dream League Soccer 2022 Developer: First Touch Games Ltd.

Head Ball Football 2

A different game in which change the concept of 11 against 11 but it continues with the same premise of fitting the ball into the goal. In this game, only two players will face each other, who by means of jumps and movements from back to front must try to defend their goal and score on the opponent. It has an online mode to face your friends or random rivals.

You can connect your Facebook account with the application and share the results of your matches there. With this function it connects you with your friends, to make it easier to play against them. It also has hundreds of accessories with which to customize your player and make it unique and unmistakable. The more matches you win, the more rewards you will receive, such as playing in stadiums with larger crowds.

Head Ball 2 - Soccer Game Head Ball 2 - Soccer Game Descargar QR-Code Head Ball 2 - Soccer Game Developer: MASOMO LIMITED

Perfect Kick

Become a master of penalties with this simple and addictive video game. Penalties may seem like the easiest goals to score in football, but this game will show you that it's not really like that. You can face players from all over the world in its online mode and surprise them by emulating the best-known launches in the history of football.

You will be able to compete every week to be at the top of the rankings. Also, the more duels you win, the more rewards you can have. As you win leagues, you will get different trophies and you will unlock new achievements. With its simple and intuitive controls, you can quickly take control of the application and compete against people from all over the world.

Perfect Kick Perfect Kick Descargar QR-Code Perfect Kick Developer: Dongxu He

Football Strike

If in the previous game the protagonists were penalties, in this one they are all kinds of free kicks. You can visit all the great stadiums in the world showing off your free-kick skills from all angles, being able to complete a series of challenges proposed by the game and accumulating medals.

It offers the possibility to compete against your friends or against players from all over the world. In addition, you will be able to choose your favorite club and you will get more and more different accessories and clothing for your player. Its controls are very simple, so you won't need much time to learn how it works and become the best launcher in your group of friends.

Football Strike Football Strike Descargar QR-Code Football Strike Developer:

Score! Hero

with this game you can become a world football legend . You have more than 700 levels in which you will find all kinds of challenges. From creating good strategies from set pieces, to scoring the best goals. You will see how your character, which you can customize as you want, progresses until it becomes a star.

With more than 90 professional teams, you will be able to make your player compete with the best in the world as you advance levels. In addition, the game offers the possibility of being summoned with your national team and playing in important events such as the World Cup, the European Championship or the Copa América. You will be able to connect to Facebook so that all your friends can see your progress and progress. The application has commentary from professional soccer narrators, so you will feel like a real star.

Score! Hero Score! Hero Descargar QR-Code Score! Hero Developer: First Touch Games Ltd.

Dream League Soccer 2021

Dream League Soccer

This game puts you in the heart of the action with a fresh look and new features. You can form the team of your dreams , since you have more than 4000 FIFPro licensed players with whom you can go out on the field to face the best clubs in the world.

It has new and improved animations, you can also customize your manager to your liking, with different hairstyles and outfits. You will be able to face players from all over the world and compete against them to see who is the best. In addition to signing players, the game allows you to sign the best scouts and agents, as if it were real life, to make your team the best in the competition.

Mini Football


Lace up your boots and get ready to hit the field in this new soccer game. In it you will be able to enjoy the beautiful game like never before, since this game offers you a causal experience but faithful to the authentic soccer spirit.

One of the simplest games on the list, in which you can sign the most common players or real stars of the beautiful game. As you go up levels, you will be playing in bigger stadiums and with more fans, and you will be able to ascend from league every week, depending on your classification week. Without a doubt, a simple game but one that does not lose the essence of applications of this type.

And you, what football titles do you play on your iPhone or iPad? You can tell us in the comment box.