Bring out your creative side and design your own tattoos from the iPhone — 2022

Getting a tattoo is a very important step that many people carry out at different times in life and for this, you usually have to be very sure of what you are going to draw on your skin. In this post we want to help you make sure that the tattoo you are going to get fits perfectly and for this we bring you a series of applications that can surely help you.

Check how your tattoo will look with these apps

On many occasions, people who are going to get a tattoo are not one hundred percent sure of how the tattoo will look on the part of the body where they want to do it. Therefore, having applications that will show you how your tattoo will look on your skin before doing it will be very helpful for many people. Here we talk about some of them.

INKHUNTER Try Tattoo Designs


We start strong, surely with the best application that you can find in the App Store if what you want is c check how the tattoo will look What do you want to do to your skin? To do this, you just have to take a photo of the part of the body where you want to get tattooed and have the tattoo in the application itself.

If the tattoo you are going to get is not in the existing catalog, you can import it without any problem, even you can extract tattoos from paper sketches . Once you start the test you will have the possibility to see the tattoo from different angles and you will even be able to cut it adjusting it perfectly to the contour of your body.

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Edit Tattoo Photo

Tattoo Photo Editor

Another fantastic alternative to check if the tattoo you want to get is going to look the way you have it in your head is this app. Although the previous application may be somewhat more complex to use since it has more powerful functions, this app is very easy and intuitive to use , so any user can access it and start trying on tattoos on different parts of their body.

For it The process is very simple and it will only take you a few seconds. First of all you have to take a photo where the part where you want to get the tattoo is visible, once this is done you just have to go to the catalog of tattoos that the application has, select the one you want to try and put it in the part of the body where you want to do it. You can rotate the tattoo, change its size and even change its color.

Tattoo Photo Editor Tattoo Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code Tattoo Photo Editor Developer: Quantis,Inc.

Photo Camera Tattoos

Tattoo Photo Camera

We add one more application for all users who have entered this post with the aim of finding a way to check if the tattoo they want to get will be the way they want it. Well, with this app you can do it. It stands out mainly for how easy and comfortable it is to use, without any complications or heavy processes to carry out .

You just have to take a picture of the body part in which you want to locate your next tattoo, open the existing catalog within the app, choose the tattoo what do you want to try on and put it on your body , that easy. In addition, you can change the color of the tattoo, rotate it, change its size, in short, you can adapt it to your liking to see if the idea you had in your head really comes true.

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Find your ideal tattoo

A tattoo, in theory, is for life, so you have to be completely sure that the drawing you are going to leave on your body for life is just what you were looking for. To achieve this in this post we propose a series of apps where you can look for inspiration to get to the tattoo you were looking for.

Tattoo Trends – Insktict

Tattoo Trends

Tattoo Trends is an ideal application if what you are looking for is inspiration to carry out your new tattoo. This application was born from the founders of two of the most popular Instagram accounts about tattoos what can you find, Y @inkstictcolors, in order to give the user a place to find the tattoo of his life.

At the end of the day, we can classify this application as a platform that puts on the table the last trends of tattoos from all over the world. really has the largest tattoo directory, which is continuously updated. In fact, you yourself can or will be able to upload your tattoo to this application so that other people can see it.

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Tattoodo – #1 Tattoo App


This application was born with the aim of being the platform where the community of the world of tattoos join and have a space to share all your creations and ideas. We can say that Tattoodo is the social network both for tattoo artists and for people who love tattoos. A place where sharing the passion for ink is totally possible.

Tattoodo has a huge community, offers tattoo designs from over 600,000 tattoo artists and more of 25000 studies of tattoos from all over the world. It is even an app with which you can make an appointment to get your next tattoo since it is capable of putting tattoo artists or tattoo studios in contact with people who want to fill their skin with ink.

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If there is a social network where to look for inspiration, without a doubt that is Pinterest. anyone who wants find ideas on practically any subject, you have in this application, in this social network, the indicated space for it, and of course, also to find the best tattoos you can imagine, you just have to look for them.

Besides, you can filter the search depending on your needs or tastes. However, Pinterest will also learn what your tastes are and will suggest different pins where you will find very creative ideas about tattoos that are in line with your interests. Of course, all the ideas you find can be saved to go to them whenever you want.

Pinterest Pinterest Descargar QR-Code Pinterest Developer: Pinterest

Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s!

Better Font Tattoos are not always amazing drawings , if not they can also be inspiring phrases, dates, important words for the person, names, etc, and for this, it is so important to find the right place on the body where to do it as find typography that gives you the look you were looking for for your tattoo.

In this case, the application we want to talk to you about provides you with a huge number of fonts where to find just the exact font you were looking for for your new tattoo. It has more than 115 fonts to choose from. Initially this app is meant to be a keyboard where you can use these fonts, but it's also a great way to find a suitable font for tattooing.

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design your own tattoo

Apple is a company that takes great care of all professionals in whom the creative part is fundamental to their work. With the arrival of the Apple Pencil to the iPad Many designers and tattoo artists jumped into this combo to introduce it into their profession, so below we want to talk to you about three Ideal applications for designing tattoos.

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk One of the star applications to draw It is, without a doubt, Autodesk, where you can unleash all your creativity and capture it on a blank canvas that it provides you. It's not an app designed exclusively for tattoo artists, but it is so that any user of an iPad with an Apple Pencil who wants to draw can do so, and obviously, we can include all tattoo artists there as well.

It has numerous tools as one-, two-, and three-point perspective guides, you can turn snapping, locking vanishing points, and horizon line visibility on and off. It has a curved ruler to draw, and a huge variety of brushes and pencils with which you can carry out the best tattoo designs.

Autodesk SketchBook Autodesk SketchBook Descargar QR-Code Autodesk SketchBook Developer: Sketchbook, Inc



This app is about a flexible space where you can think, plan Y create all the tattoos you want. As with Autodesk, this app provides you with a blank canvas and the best possible tools to start filling it with creativity and imagination.

It has Realistic pens and brushes that respond to drawing pressure, tilt, and speed . It provides you with an infinite canvas with many types of paper and grids that you can use depending on your needs. It also has the famous COPIC color wheel and you can carry out vector-based sketches.

Concepts Concepts Descargar QR-Code Concepts Developer: TopHatch, Inc.



We end this compilation with a bang, talking about one of the hallmark applications of the App Store and that all users of an iPad with Apple Pencil should try. Procreate is one of the most powerful tools that tattoo artists can use to carry out all their designs, since it has really professional features and that delight all those users who put themselves in front of this application to unleash their creativity by drawing.

It has ultra high resolution canvases , its interface is very intuitive and with an elegant design that provides a fantastic user experience. The Quick Shape function It will allow you to create perfect shapes accompanied by the hundreds of brushes carefully created for this app. In fact, each brush can be customized with 100 different options, all through the brush studio where you can design yours to measure.

Procreate Procreate Descargar QR-Code Procreate Developer: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd