Take notes on your iPad with Apple Pencil and these apps — 2022

One of the favorite combinations for all users who have an iPad with Apple Pencil is to use this combo with a note application that allows them to do almost anything they want. Fortunately, in the App Store there is a great variety of applications with a multitude of tools that facilitate this task.

Aspects to consider

Before entering fully with all the applications that you can download on your iPad to use together with Apple Pencil and take the best notes you have ever taken, you have to take into account what are the star features that you have to take into account and value for choose between all the apps that we are going to show you later.

    The toolsthat each of these applications have are fundamental, and everything will depend on how much you want to complicate yourself or not when you start making notes. There are apps with many options and others that are much simpler in terms of tools, everything will depend on your needs.
  • The ability to import PDF documents It is something fundamental for many users who use this type of app. Therefore, if you are going to need to make annotations on PDF documents, you have to keep this functionality very much in mind.
  • the interfaceIt is also something very important, because you have to feel comfortable when opening the application and using it. The organization of the contentwithin the application itself, it will be very important for those users who are looking for this type of application to be not only their notebook, but also their folder where they always carry all their documents with them.

The most valued

Once you know what are the points that you have to pay attention to when choosing the app that best suits your needs, we go with the ones that have the most and best ratings in the App Store. These are applications that are focused on different audiences and that offer a really good service through the functions they have.

Microsoft OneNote


We start this compilation with the Microsoft app. We could say that it has combination of many functionalities from other applications. In it you will have the possibility to write down all your ideas with your Apple Pencil. It is intended to simplify all daily planning processes as much as possible, being your digital notepad.

It also has the advantage that all the notes you can create within this application and your Apple Pencil will be fully synchronized in the Microsoft cloud, that is, OneDrive . This way you can access them from any device. Also enjoy a wide variety of colors and configuration options for Apple Pencil.

Microsoft OneNote Microsoft OneNote Descargar QR-Code Microsoft OneNote Developer: Microsoft Corporation



Paper defines itself as the immersive sketch app to capture all ideas anywhere. Without a doubt, this app becomes a space for creativity, where you can draw, make diagrams, color or write any type of note with all the facilities that it puts on the table for all users who have an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

We could really define Paper as a large blank sheet in which you can carry out practically any idea that you want or that you have in your head. Its interface is really simple, it has a gesture navigation that offers you the ideal space to be able to create without any type of distraction that can take you out of your creative moment.

Paper Paper Descargar QR-Code Paper Developer: WeTransfer BV

GoodNotes 5

Good Notes 5

This is about one of the best apps that can be found by all those users who want to use their iPad and Apple Pencil to take notes, both from scratch and to be able to make them on top of other documents that they want to import, since it offers the possibility of import PDF documents within the app itself. In addition to being your notebook, it can also be the place where you store all your notes or files, with the peace of mind that it is fully compatible with iCloud, so you can enjoy it all on different devices.

The tools that GoodNotes 5 offers to be able to create all those annotations or your own documents from scratch is really amazing. From different types of pencils such as pen or ballpoint even the possibility of inserting stickers, images or managing all the content that you have written or drawn at will. It really is one of the most complete applications that you can find in the App Store, although it is a paid app.

GoodNotes 5 GoodNotes 5 Descargar QR-Code GoodNotes 5 Developer: Time Base Technology Limited

Nebo: Notes and Annotations PDF


I think that reading the name of this application makes it very clear what the main function that its developers are looking to cover is. With Nebo you can write all the notes you want in different formats as well as make annotations on all your PDF documents that you import into it. Also, you have to know what has been awarded as the best digital notepad app.

It has the possibility of convert all texts that are written by hand to digital text if you so wish. All this available in more than 66 languages, that is, a real barbarity. In addition, the tools that it has to be able to create all these notes are very varied, so that each user can carry out everything that he wants in the way that he was thinking.

Nebo: Notes and Annotations PDF Nebo: Notes and Annotations PDF Descargar QR-Code Nebo: Notes and Annotations PDF Developer: MyScript

Notepad+: Take notes

Memo pad

One of the most outstanding applications of the App Store thanks to both the service it provides to users and the ratings received in the Apple store is this, Notepad+, which again, its name indicates What is it for and what function can it fulfill? within the daily life of all users who are encouraged to give it a try and download it to their iPad.

With it you can enjoy a completely natural handwriting Next to the Apple Pencil, although if you want, you can also use your keyboard to write digital text. Of course, as it is an application designed above all so that students can make their notes, it has the possibility of importing different PDF documents within it.

Notepad+: Take Notes Notepad+: Take Notes Descargar QR-Code Notepad+: Take Notes Developer: Apalon Apps

Other options

The fact that an application has many and very good reviews does not mean that others that have fewer are worse, since in the end what really matters is that they meet and are capable of satisfying your needs. Therefore, below we want to talk about other options, perhaps less known, but that also offer a very good experience.

Notes Writer – Perfect Notes!

Notes Writer

With this notes application you will have everything you need to get the most out of the perfect combination of the iPad and the Apple Pencil. In it you can import your PDF documents to be able to edit them later , make annotations and, in short, work with them comfortably and with all the possibilities that this app provides you.

In addition, you also have the possibility of creating forms, using the multi-window to be more productive, create new documents and even, make templates for your different tasks . It also has many tools to enhance each and every one of the notes so that, in this way, the creativity of each user can be carried away whenever they are in front of the iPad screen.

Notes Writer- Perfect Notes! Notes Writer- Perfect Notes! Descargar QR-Code Notes Writer- Perfect Notes! Developer: Kairoos Solutions SL



Surely if you are a student you have heard wonders about this application, and it is that together with GoodNotes they are the queens of this sector of users who use the iPad together with the Apple Pencil to be as productive as possible in their different academic sections. How could it be otherwise, with Notability you have the possibility of importing all the PDF documents you want within the app itself.

But beware, not only are you going to be able to have and store them within it, but what users are really looking for with this app is to be able to edit them the way they want, and obviously, this is possible thanks to all the tools that enhance the use of Apple Pencil. In addition, you can also add different resources , such as photos, GIFs, web pages and many others.

Notability Notability Descargar QR-Code Notability Developer: Ginger Labs



As soon as you see this application you can already get an idea of ​​what its main value is. It has a very simple and minimalist interface , and that is exactly what makes it stand out above the rest. Its goal is to combine natural writing and the art of drawing without distractions. With it you can take notes from class, meetings, write down thoughts or even use it to outline your next big idea.

ink technology with which it has, it produces really natural strokes, you will also have several styles of paper available so that you can choose the one you like the most, but if there is none that completely convinces you, you can also import any image to create a paper completely personalized.

Penultimate Penultimate Descargar QR-Code Penultimate Developer: Evernote

CollaNote: Notes, Diary and PDF


Another of the most interesting applications that you can find to take all your notes by hand with the Apple Pencil is CollaNote. It has really usable functions that will be great for you, such as the possibility of both import PDF documents as well as to edit them later using the great variety of tools that it has and that it makes available to all users.

But be careful, CollaNote can not only become your app to take notes or edit PDF, but it is also an ideal option to turn it into your digital planner where you can write down each and every one of the tasks that you have to carry out every day. Finally, another function that should be highlighted is the possibility of making collaborative documents in which different users can enter and work on them.

CollaNote: Notes, Diary and PDF CollaNote: Notes, Diary and PDF Descargar QR-Code CollaNote: Notes, Diary and PDF Developer: Quoc Huy Nguyen



We end this compilation with an app that all users who have an iPad already have available and installed on their device. This is Apple's own Notes app. Their interface is really simple and its very intuitive use, making it an ideal option for all those users who don't want to complicate their lives and who are looking for something easy and simple to use.

The options to use the Apple Pencil are very good, obviously it does not reach the level of other applications such as GoodNotes, but we return to what we mentioned before, to take some quick notes or simply, to make basic use of the Apple Pencil, the tools it provides are more than enough.

Grades Grades Descargar QR-Code Grades Developer: Apple

Which one are we left with?

Something that is usual in this type of compilation of applications is to tell you which are the options that, to the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, have convinced us the most. Obviously this is a completely personal section, and our choice responds to very specific needs and uses, so we encourage you to choose the app that best meets your needs.

Within the group of most and best valued applications, we are left without a doubt with GoodNotes 5 , also here a server that is writing these lines has been using it for years, both in the university field and for content creation, and the number of options it provides you with are really magnificent. On the other hand, within the quota of lesser known apps, surely the most complete is Notability , in fact, it is one of the great competitors of GoodNotes, something that already speaks for itself of the value that this app is capable of providing.