Take fun selfies with Photo Booth on your Mac and iPad — 2022

When you buy a new Apple device, in all of them there are a series of applications that are already installed by default, and the truth is, some are more useful than others. In many cases, these apps go directly to a separate folder, or are even deleted without having the opportunity to discover what you can do with them. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about Photo Booth, a very fun app that is always installed on both your iPad and your Mac.

What is Photo Booth for?

As we said before, there are pre-installed applications that are more or less useful, and in the same way, applications that are more or less simple to use. In this case, Photo Booth is one of the applications that is less complex to use, since it doesn't have functions that you're going to have to break down to get the most out of them. Really, as its name suggests, Photo Booth is an app to take photos, but with the peculiarity that it has really funny and fun effects that will make you take images full of smiles and a lot of fun. We encourage you to give it a try, since for family reunions it can be really useful in order to immortalize moments of happiness, it can even become the true protagonist of the meeting.


Is it the same app for iPad and Mac?

Surprisingly, Apple in this case wanted to slightly differentiate the functions that you find in the application for the iPad and the application for the Mac, so no, the Photo Booth application is not exactly the same for one device and another. In fact, one of them has a function that the other is not capable of offering, even the variety of effects that you can apply when capturing photos is greater in one case than in another. We encourage you to continue reading to discover which device Apple wanted to give more possibilities to with its Photo Booth application.

Photo Booth app on iPadOS

What does it allow to do from the iPad?

The operation of Photo Booth on iPad is really simple, very simple since, as soon as you enter the application, you already have the interface ready to shoot your photos. First of all you have to choose one of the 9 filters available in the application, once you click on one of them you just have to position yourself as you want to appear in the photograph and press the button so that the iPad captures the image. Once you have taken as many photos as you want, they will appear at the bottom of the screen, if you click on one of them you can export it through the share menu that appears at the bottom left of the screen. In case you want to change the filter, to go back you have to click on the filters icon located at the bottom left of the screen.

PhotoBooth en iPad

Photo Booth Photo Booth Descargar QR-Code Photo Booth Developer: Apple

Filters available on iPad

As we mentioned before, in the iPad application, you have up to 9 different filters available that we list below.

  • X-rays.
  • tunnel of light
  • Stretching.
  • Mirror.
  • Normal.
  • Swirl.
  • Thermal camera.
  • Kaleidoscope.
  • Compression.

How Photo Booth works on Mac

App capabilities on the computer

The Mac has been the beneficiary in this case, since its Photo Booth application has more possibilities with respect to the existing application on the iPad. In the first place, you will not only be able to take photographs, but you will also have the possibility of recording video using one of the effects that they provide you, which is fair, the second difference with the iPad application, and that is that on the Mac You have almost three times as many filters available, that is, if you had 9 filters on the iPad, in this case you have up to 25 different filters that you will be able to use to take photos or videos through your Mac's camera.

Photo Booth on Mac 3

The operation is very simple, just like on the iPad, the first thing you have to do is choose the filter you want to use, perhaps in this case the decision is more complicated since you have 25 funny effects to apply. Once you have made this choice, you will have to choose between the three existing shooting modes, located in the lower left part of the screen. The first of them is a burst of 4 photos that will later be shown in a collage, with the second option you can take only one photo and with the third and last option, you can record a video applying the chosen effect. Once you have taken the photo, photos or video, at the bottom right of the screen you have the Share menu through which you can save or share your document with whoever you want.

Photo Booth Photo Booth Descargar QR-Code Photo Booth Developer: Apple

Filters available on Mac

The number of filters in the Mac app is considerably higher than the iPad app. Here are the filters available in Photo Booth for macOS.

  • Extraterreste.
  • Twisted nose.
  • Squirrel.
  • Loved.
  • Normal.
  • Dizzy.
  • bigheaded
  • Bulging eyes.
  • Day.
  • Sepia.
  • Black and white.
  • Plastic camera.
  • Comic.
  • Color pencil.
  • Radiance.
  • Thermal camera.
  • X-rays.
  • bulge.
  • Dent.
  • Swirl.
  • Comprehension.
  • Mirror.
  • tunnel of light
  • Fish eye.
  • Stretching.