Take control of a bus with these games for iPhone — 2022

Simulation games are currently in fashion among users. This is because you can put yourself in the shoes of a person who works in a very specific profession such as a bus driver. Surely on more than one occasion you have thought about how you can drive a large vehicle like a bus. Now you will be able to check it out in these games for iPhone.

the key points

In the App Store there are many games that you will find that promise to simulate the bus driving experience on your own iPhone. This is something really complicated to achieve, and that is why we recommend the following points to be able to have the best possible choice:

    Graphics: a fundamental aspect in any video game, and it is a difficult section to be able to achieve. In this sense, you have to keep in mind that it is important because it will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of simulation so that you can clearly see that you are enjoying a bus. Progression system:sometimes in this kind of games there can come a time when you don't really know what to do. That is why you must have specific objectives so that proper driving is rewarded. This is something fundamental and can be found in the progressive unlocking of new buses or also of different open maps. Variety of vehicles:it is a reality that the fact of constantly driving the same bus can become boring. That is why priority should be given to those games that have the possibility of having different bus models that you can use in a variety of ways.

best simulation games

When looking for bus games, it's all about finding the best possible driving and simulation experience. They aim to put you in front of a realistic line with passengers who need to stop at very specific stops or control access.

Ultimate Bus Simulator


Without a doubt one of the best simulators that can be found in the App Store. It has a community behind it and 250 million users, with different maps. Among the maps that can be downloaded are Mexico, the United States, Germany, Russia, Spain, Turkey or the Netherlands. The aim is always to offer the greatest possible realism so that you have an experience as if you yourself were directing the line through these countries.

You will start by establishing your bus company and your goal will be to become the largest company in the world. At first you will have a single bus and very short lines, but with the future you will be able to evolve by investing the benefits you get. And if you don't want to play alone, you can always opt for the multiplayer mode that works really well with people from all over the world.

Ultimate Bus Simulator Ultimate Bus Simulator Descargar QR-Code Ultimate Bus Simulator Developer: Zuuks Games

Bus Simulator: Original

Game released in 2015 that will allow you to become a professional bus driver. It includes realistic maps, amazing vehicles, wonderful interiors that will make you feel driving a real bus. That is why in this game you are going to board and make the bus complete all the routes. With state-of-the-art graphics that include animation of characters, school buses, stuntmen and articulated.

The maps are realistic with the main cities of the world such as Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Berlin or Alaska among others. You will be in control of the bus doors, and also in free mode you will have different weather conditions. You will find all kinds of places like cities, countryside, mountains, desert or snow.

Bus Simulator: Original Bus Simulator: Original Descargar QR-Code Bus Simulator: Original Developer: Alexandru Marusac

Public Transport Simulator

We have all been traveling by public transport, especially in big cities. This game pursues exactly the fact of putting you in front of one of these lines. You will be able to choose between three different types of buses. Depending on the model you are going to choose, you will be able to enjoy one of the three missions that are available. With bus mode, you can transport passengers comfortably around the city, although you will also find the possibility of transporting passengers in a taxi.

For each service you perform, you can get experience points. These will allow you to unlock new buses. You can also choose new locations in order to change everything you see around you. Obviously, you will always have to drive carefully, and respecting traffic regulations, since any accident will penalize you in these experience points.

Public Transport Simulator Public Transport Simulator Descargar QR-Code Public Transport Simulator Developer: SkisoSoft

Bus simulator 2017

Extensive gameplay that offers a real-time experience for those players who love to drive heavy vehicles. It has an expert bus driving practice and gives an amazing experience of driving the bus in a modern city. The gameplay is pretty easy because it's just going to have to go picking up passengers from the local town carefully at designated stops.

Obviously, you are going to have to respect all the rules and avoid accidents with pedestrians or other vehicles on the road. That is why you will have a truly addictive experience on a daily basis. The bus must be parked wisely in order to safely pick up tourists and normal passengers. You can find the game mode in the city, at night or during the day.

Bus simulator 2017 Bus simulator 2017 Descargar QR-Code Bus simulator 2017 Developer: Manzoor Ahmad

Other ways to play with buses

Beyond the simulators that we have mentioned above, you can also find games that belong to other categories in the App Store. We show them below.

Off-Road Bus Driving

An extremely challenging offroad bus driving game. It goes beyond the typical city simulator, this being a racing game. In this case you are going to be in the middle of the field controlling different buses, being a really complicated terrain to dominate. Easily, you can have different accidents with the bus when making turns or crossing cliffs.

You will be able to enjoy great panoramic landscapes with spectacular views and great weather. It only has three different controls, since you will have to focus solely on the speedometer, preventing it from exceeding the established limits, and the direction. In the latter case, what should be avoided at all times is the use of sharp turns, since the passengers are going to end up complaining quite surely.

Off-road bus driving yes Off-road bus driving yes Descargar QR-Code Off-road bus driving yes Developer: Skippy Apps

Bus Parking 3D

As its name suggests, this is a game that is focused on bus parking, which is not an easy task. It can be said that this is a puzzle game that will require you to have a great spatial vision, in order to park it precisely. Throughout the stage you will find different elements to dodge in order to reach the parking lot as such.

The different controls that you must follow in order to control the bus will appear on the iPhone or iPad screen. Specifically, you can see the accelerator, the brake, the gearbox to go forward or backward and also the steering wheel. That is why we are facing a game that can be complicated to use, but that requires learning.

Bus Parking.3D Bus Parking.3D Descargar QR-Code Bus Parking.3D Developer: Hakan River

parking king

A game that is aimed at improving driving skills in general. You can experience bus driving with the iPhone, and the complexity of parking a vehicle that has considerable dimensions. That is why you are facing a great challenge to be able to drive buses, trucks, cranes, among others. In addition, you can enjoy a wide variety of different scenario options.

In these cases, the challenge may be above all to complete the parking in the shortest possible time, while protecting the bus from any type of shield element that you find. You can challenge yourself with other people around you thanks to the multiplayer mode to be able to have more fun.

King of Bus Parking King of Bus Parking Descargar QR-Code King of Bus Parking Developer: MOBIRIX

Our recommendation

There are many games of this theme that will be able to be found in this regard. But we certainly recommend you try Ultimate Bus Simulator, which has some really impressive graphics. It offers players a wide variety of vehicles that will adapt to the function that you want to perform with the simulator. You will finally feel like you are really a driver of a normal bus line in a city.

This is something that you will also be able to find in Public Transport , which offers different challenges ahead that reward the good driving you do. Although it can be complicated, in the end the experience you gain will unlock new content, so it has a more than clear progression.