Fever symptoms? Take a control with your own iPhone — 2022

Measuring body temperature is something that although it may indicate that we are sick, it is essential to do it as soon as there are symptoms. If you think of methods to measure this body temperature, the typical digital or mercury thermometer comes to mind. But over the years new accessories have emerged to be able to measure and record with our own iPhone.

Accessories needed to measure temperature

For the purpose of monitoring body temperature, there are some accessories that can be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity. Below we show you those that offer better benefits.

Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo

Withings offers a very interesting smart thermometer that connects directly to the app. The accuracy of this thermometer is very good as it is endorsed by numerous organizations, and has 16 infrared sensors capable of offering precise results without the need for physical contact. The latter makes it a product more hygienic since at no time will it come into contact with body fluids. Thanks to the LED light it has, it will warn us if the temperature obtained is quite high or not, with a color scale from green to red.

As we have mentioned before, thanks to the connectivity it has, it can be synchronized with the iOS or Android mobile through the application. This makes it possible for it to be used by numerous people within a family number, specifically 8 different users . The measurements are very fast since it is not necessary to wait a few minutes as it happens with the most classic thermometers.

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Thermometer for adults and children in which contact with the skin itself is not required. It is equipped with the latest infrared technology, measuring body temperature based on infrared energy emitted from the eardrum or forehead. In a second the thermometer is able to detect the temperature. It has four available modes, among which the forehead and ears mode stands out for forehead and ears in adults or babies. It has an intelligent alarm configuration system that follows a color pattern (green, yellow and red) in order to know if the marked temperature is dangerous or not.

The connection with the iPhone and the own application is made through Bluetooth connectivity. In this way, a record is made of all the measures that are taken to have a fairly accurate history. The thermometer can independently memorize up to 10 different measurements. In addition, it also integrates a silent function so that it does not make any noise when taking the temperature. This is ideal when taking little ones who may be asleep.

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Applications that are used

Along with these accessories that we have mentioned, you can find your own applications to be able to carry out an exhaustive control of all these options. We discuss them below in order.

App de Withings

The perfect application for automatic monitoring of body temperature is Withings Thermo, which connects with the previously mentioned accessory via Bluetooth in order to have all the information synchronized. By including multiple profiles, each of the family members can access their entire history from the schedule to differentiate between different temperatures.

Withings Thermo

With the aim of power keep track of temperature To later report it to a toilet, Withings allows you to make annotations next to each of the records. In this way you can be aware of the symptoms that accompany a possible low-grade fever that does not go away. In the event that you have any physical symptoms such as a rash, you can also take a photograph to attach it to the timeline. It can be clearly said that it becomes a medical history of your illness.

To this must be added the reminder that we can program in a simple way to take our temperature regularly throughout the day. This is ideal when carrying out an exhaustive control to see the evolution of these symptoms. This is something that can be recommended by a health professional and that is important to do, and with this app you will avoid forgetting.

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In order to have all the data of the ViATOM accessory, the ViHealth application must be used. This is capable of storing different data that have been taken with the thermometer itself. In this way, an important history is generated where they compile the days and hours of each of the shots as well as the result. All the data is represented in a graph with the ups and downs that can be collected to have clear information.

All this data, if you do not want to have it in this application, can be grouped in the Health application as there is a synchronization between both. This makes it possible to add many other relevant data for your health and future diagnosis. Although it is true that the application does not have a very modern interface, it is enough to be able to have a clear vision of all the data that is necessary to have a clear judgment.

Descargar QR-Code ViHealth Developer: Shenzhen Viatom Technology Co., Ltd.

Reliability of these results

As it has been seen, the temperature measurement is not done directly with the iPhone. All temperature measurements are made with thermometers that have been verified by large companies behind. These have certifications at European level to be able to have reliability when taking measurements. It is true that for the most part you can only find non-contact thermometers that work through infrared. On some occasions, this temperature-taking system can be mistrusted since it is getting used to a classic system in which there is contact, normally axillary, with the thermometer itself.

Although the data obtained with these accessories is quite accurate according to the tests to which they have been submitted by the corresponding companies. This makes it possible for you to conveniently store all the data of the shots you are taking so that they are not lost and you do not have to resort to the classic pencil and paper. Without a doubt, it is a novel system in which you gain a lot of comfort and with which you will be more efficient with precise results.