Sygic will be integrated into the CarPlay system of your car — 2022

Just before the presentation of iOS 12 last month, Apple highlighted CarPlay by announcing that from now on they will open the door to third-party navigation applications. This was great news for all drivers with a CarPlay compatible vehicle that they will be able to use third-party maps without having to use Apple's navigation system, which is not to the liking of all users. The first navigation application that has officially announced its future compatibility with this system on Sygic.

Sygic will arrive in a few months to CarPlay

One of the shortcomings of CarPlay was clearly how closed it was for applications, finding the possibility of using only Spotify and WhatsApp as main third-party applications. This has given a radical change in iOS 12 because in the fall we will see how third-party navigation applications begin to arrive in CarPlay.

The first to announce this integration is Sygic on its blog, where They have stated that they are already testing to be able to integrate offline maps in our car that have this Apple functionality built in. This will cover the impossibility ofuse apple maps without internethaving many limitations in theCarPlay compatible radios.

This is one of the best-known applications in the Store when it comes to navigation, despite the fact that to have all its functionalities we have to go through the box and get a subscription. At the moment this is the only application that has announced its integration with CarPlay, but it is expected that Google Maps and Waze will also end up adding basically because in the presentation of iOS 12 we saw both icons of these applications in the different images that accompanied the presentation.

We have no knowledge of when this compatibility will see the light of day, although it may be that this trio of applications: Sygic, Google Maps and Waze, end up coming to our devices in the fall together with the official release of iOS 12 , although there are still many months of development ahead, where we will surely learn more details about this compatibility and other future applications that may be added.

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