Surprise? The most popular phone of this 2020 is an iPhone — 2022

Despite also having many detractors, iPhones have traditionally been the most popular phones among users. However, this has not always been a reflection on sales, largely due to the price of these devices. But this 2020, like 2019, is being different and we can find the iPhone 11 at the top of all sales rankings.

Apple beats them all (including Samsung)

Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei are large companies that, in addition to manufacturing excellent premium-range phones, also have a multitude of more affordable phones with reduced features, which allows them to sell millions of units each year. In fact, the best-selling Android phone is a Galaxy A51 , this being a mid-range terminal.

For its part, Apple only has a few premium and high-end phones, so its options to be at the top of the rankings is even more complicated. However, it does not seem to be a problem in recent years, since according to a study by Omdia it has made the iPhone 11 be the best seller in the first quarter of this year.

best selling phones 2020

If we look at this table, we see that Apple is far ahead of its competitors. Samsung with the mentioned A51 and Xiaomi with the Redmi Note 8 they follow in second and third position, but while Apple has sold 19.5 million units, the South Koreans and Chinese have sold 6.8 and 6.5 respectively.

The iPhone XR It is the next iPhone we see on the list, in fifth position with 4.7 million units sold. It is remarkable how this terminal continues to reap good figures, since in the same period last year it managed to be the one that headed this ranking. On that occasion there were 13.6 million units sold, almost 6 million less than what the iPhone 11 has now achieved.

As a noteworthy fact is the fact that the iPhone 11 Pro Max Y iPhone 11 Pro They are in sixth and eighth position respectively, having sold 4.2 million units the first and 3.8 million the second. The sum between them with 11 and XR would make a total of 31.51 million of devices sold, to which should be added those of previous generations that come out of the TOP 10.

The keys to Apple's success

As we said at the beginning, Apple has always managed to have a good status despite not topping sales lists worldwide. But since 2018 this has changed radically. The company has discovered a strategy that works for them and that lies in launching two premium-end terminals at more than 1,000 euros and another high-end one at a reduced price.

The iPhone XR was the guinea pig two years ago and given its success, the company wanted to reissue it at the end of last year with the iPhone 11, which curiously enough was given the honor of being the main phone of the year in terms of nomenclature. , making the 'Pro' remain more in a niche of more demanding users. In fact, something similar is expected this year, but this time there will be two iPhone 12s, just as there will be two iPhone 12 Pros.

The main supporter of these terminals is their price, but we must not forget that they have state-of-the-art features identical to the more expensive ones. The A13 Bionic chip or the ultra wide-angle camera and the night mode of the iPhone 11 is proof of this, being characteristics shared with its older brothers.

We will have to see in the coming months how theiPhone SE 2020, a phone that is even cheaper than the rest and that has the latest features, despite the fact that its design is very reminiscent of the company's most classic devices. In any case it seems that it will also be a super seller.