Surprise! Apple will attend CES for the first time since 1992 — 2022

On January 7, CES 2020 officially kicks off, one of the most important technology fairs in the world similar to the MWC in Barcelona. Important product launches are made at this fair, but Apple has almost 30 years without going but not because he hates this event but because he doesn't see any point in going officially to not present anything. But in 2020 the year counter will be reset to zero as the company will have a presence at the fair.

Apple will once again have a public presence at CES

As reported Bloomberg , Apple will be represented at this fair by Senior Director of Privacy Jane Horvath in a round table very focused on privacy. Without a doubt, this is a very important issue today since the main companies have been affected by controversies related to the violation of privacy policies.

As has been seen in the CES schedule , this will be a discussion focused on consumer privacy at scale and its regulation. Specifically, we read the following in the schedule:

Privacy is now a strategic imperative for all consumer companies. 'The future is private' (Facebook); 'Privacy is a human right' (Apple); and 'a more private web' (Google). How do companies build privacy at scale? Will regulation be a fragmented mosaic? Most importantly, what do consumers want?

In this round table, in addition to participating, Apple will also have a representation of both Facebook with its head of privacy policies, Erin Egan, as Procter & Gamble.

Although unofficially Apple is not present at these technology fairs, it is in 2019 was holding private meetings with the press to show different news of HomeKit. It also had a very comical presence because they placed a banner in front of the venue where CES was held with a message praising the privacy of their iPhones, which was undoubtedly an attack on many of the companies that congregated at the fair and their problems. Of privacy.

What is clear is that Apple is going to stay in a simple talk and nothing more. Many other brands present their new products for this 2020 but Apple does not follow this strategy. So far from the company they have decided hold your own events at your facilities to have absolute control of everything that happens. Until now it has gone very well and it is a tradition that has been behind for many years and many of us doubt that they will alter it to appear at these technology fairs.

We will have to be very attentive to this round table since it is possible that they will give some clue of the future developments that we see within the company related to privacy. The Cupertino company has not been exempt from these controversies, having very recently listened without consent by Siri or location tracking by users.iPhone 11 Prowhen it was deactivated. We believe that these hot topics will be on top of this round table and we will listen carefully to what these important companies have to say.

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