Suritt straps are imposed as an alternative to official straps for your Apple Watch — 2022

If you are looking to renew the strap of your Apple Watch but you do not want to opt for the official Apple straps but you still want a quality product, the most recommended is opt for Suritt accessories . This is a brand whose straps we have been able to test these days and we have been very satisfied with the quality of these products and the various styles that they give to combine with our outfits.

Suritt is a brand that focuses on manufacturing valid leather straps for all watches, both standard and Apple Watch. The history of this company is really interesting, since it was born as a family business here in Spain, with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of skins and with would have located in Spain and Italy. Suritt supplies various luxury brands and that is why the quality of its products is unbeatable and with a totally original and very attractive design, and above all they are made in Spain.

As we said at the beginning, looking for a strap for the Apple Watch can be really easy and find them for very little money, but poor quality ends up prevailing in the end. This is why if you don't want to get scared, such as the watch ending up on the ground when it comes off the strap, we always recommend acquire this type of quality straps although they may cost us a little more.

As you can see on its website, Suritt has straps for all sizes of Apple Watch available: 38mm/40mm y 42mm/44mm . It is also really interesting that we can find different brooch colors in the online store depending on the color of the case of our smart watch so that they can combine perfectly.

Rio Saddle strap: quality leather with a 10 design

The models that we have been able to test in the newsroom have been various. One of them is that he has been baptized as Rio Saddle Brown what is it made of cowhide with a quality sensation that has caught our attention. It is available in several colors: denim blue, midnight blue, black, pink sand and leather brown. On the wrist it is really comfortable and is designed above all for more formal situations such as a work meeting and perfectly reminds us of the straps used in traditional watches.

The price of this strap is €59.95 in different colors and you can get it on the official website of Suritt.

Strap Suritt Rio Strap Suritt Rio Strap Suritt Rio

In general, in all the straps that we have tested, we have seen that the anchorage with the Apple Watch It is quite comfortable and it is very well made especially if we compare it with other straps that seem to not fit perfectly. If it is true that the official Apple straps fit much better but without a doubt they take a remarkable high in this aspect and the comfort to remove and put on the strap is very good.

Milanese Black: a more youthful design but without compromising quality

Another of the straps we have tested is the Milanese Black , which for me is the one I liked the most. I have to say that I have also tried Apple's official Milanese Loop strap that is very similar to this one, and I have been amazed because the quality of both is quite similar. The only difference is that the official Apple one is €100 more expensive.

Suritt Milanese Strap Suritt Milanese Strap Suritt Milanese Strap Suritt Milanese Strap Suritt Milanese Strap Suritt Milanese Strap

The Suritt Milanese strap is made of stainless steel With a magnetic closure that fits perfectly to our wrist and is quite well attached, although it may seem that the magnet is not very secure. If it is true that to do intense exercise, then it is not a suitable strap, and it is designed for when you go to a party or to a more relaxed place. As in the rest of the models, we find different colors available: black, silver and gold.

While Apple's official Milanese strap is priced at over €150, this You can find it at Suritt for €59.95.

Oslo Black strap: luxury at an affordable price

The last strap we have had the opportunity to test is the Oslo Black , which is undoubtedly the most luxurious of the entire brand as it is built with black cowhide leather and with an internal lining of natural leather. It gives an incredible feeling when wearing it on the wrist and it shows that it is an incredible quality. It is designed to be worn on those more elegant dates and you can combine it with all your outfits as it is available in black and white and can change the color of the buckle. As a distinction, it has a pyramid-shaped stud on the outside of the strap.

This strap, obviously, due to its higher quality, has a higher price, although it currently has an interesting promotional discount, so You can find it for €59.95.

And if you have come this far… you have a discount at Suritt

Without a doubt, if you want a quality strap, the smartest thing is to opt for one of these Suritt straps that are now on sale, and that are very similar to the official Apple ones but in many cases save you a lot of money. And if you still want a greater discount, just for being a reader of La Manzana Mordida, by entering the promotional code LAMANZANA15 In the purchase process you will have a 15% discount on those products that are not on sale. And remember that too you can get these straps on Amazon from here.