Super Mario games from the App Store and their best imitations — 2022

Known as Super Mario or simply Mario, this has been one of the most beloved video game characters in the industry for decades. The popular Italian plumber has titles on many platforms and, of course, in the App Store it couldn't be less. The franchise owned by Nintendo has interesting games compatible with iPhone and iPad, which we will review in this article, in addition to showing you which are the most interesting imitations of these games that we can also find.

Mario Bros, from the most classic consoles to mobile

Let's start with some history about one of the most famous characters in the world of video games. Mario was first seen in the first Donkey Kong game, a creation by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. In that game he was not known by the name of Mario but was simply Jump Man, it was later when Miyamoto wanted to give him a name characteristic and called him Mario, already in 1982.

Initially, the games where Mario Bros is the protagonist are dedicated to Nintendo Arcade consoles, a brand that has been completely linked to this character throughout its history. Since then the game has been evolving but without losing its essence, this evolution has gone hand in hand with the different consoles that were being released on the market. The fame of this character has made his saga remain one of the most played for years, even reaching mobile platforms.

The official Mario games on the App Store

As we mentioned before, the evolution of this famous character and all the huge saga of video games that he has been generating over the years has meant that a very gamer public has demanded the presence of Mario also on their iPhone, hence in the App Store all users can enjoy different titles that previously could only be played on traditional consoles.

super mario run

The launch of this video game in 2017 was a revolution in the App Store and since then it has not fallen from the ranking of the most downloaded games on this platform. It recovers the essence of the classic Mario Bros arcade in terms of scenarios, objectives and enemies to beat, but with a different touch adapted to the way of playing on iPhone and iPad, since there are no very precise controls other than jumping by pressing on the screen. It seems simple, but it's highly addictive to have to endure the pace of a Mario faster than ever and who you won't be able to mislead for a second if you don't want to lose the game.

This game has 6 worlds and 24 levels that you will need to overcome in order to rescue Princess Peach in Browser's castle. The game even gives you the chance to enjoy each of its levels in a different way, collecting coins of 3 different colors or competing against your friends' records. Also, the moment you have rescued Princess Peach, a special world consisting of 9 levels will appear, the well-known Star World.

super mario run super mario run Descargar QR-Code super mario run Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Mario Kart Tour

If the previous one was a success in downloads, this other one is not far behind because it is also one of the most played on iPhone and iPad. We assume that if you are a fan of Mario you already know exactly what he is about, but if not, we will tell you. This title brings to mobile platforms the classic Nintendo DS game in which both Mario himself and other characters from the franchise get fully involved in a kart competition with which they will go through all kinds of circuits. That yes, they are not ordinary tracks, but they are full of traps for which the surprise boxes that you will find along the way will serve you and with which you can even hinder your opponents. One of the main attractions of this Mario Kart Tour is the ability to play with your friends in real time.

It is without a doubt one of the funniest games that you can play with your friends. Also in this mode you can choose the rules of the race that will allow you to compete with your friends to your liking. On the other hand, if you play individually the options are immense. You will have to go through all the circuits to get maxi-stars. You can also pull the pipe to get new drivers, vehicles and accessories to become the king of Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour Descargar QR-Code Mario Kart Tour Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

dr mario world

Nintendo's classic handheld console left us with one of the most different and nostalgic Mario titles. The App Store also recently recovered it and although its popularity was not as impressive as that of the previous ones, those who most remember this game rushed to download it. Its theme is very similar to that of the also classic tetris, having to join different pieces of colors or similar shapes to destroy them and complete the different levels that it offers. As in any puzzle game of this style, the difficulty increases and it is not always easy to beat the machine.

In addition to having a very addictive theme or gameplay, this Dr. Mario World has more than 600 stages spread across different worlds that contain a lot of obstacles that are difficult to overcome and for which you will have to use all five senses if you want to be victorious. Of course, Mario is not alone in this adventure, he has the help of the famous Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Estela, Donkey Kong, Caco Gazapo, Koopa and Lakitu.

dr mario world dr mario world Descargar QR-Code dr mario world Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

lego super mario

lego super mario

This is not a game as such, but rather an extension between the app and the Mario-focused Lego game. Thanks to augmented reality you will be able to build your sets and add them extremely easily. It doesn't really have a mechanic in question, since in the end it is still a classic construction game, but it is very attractive for the little ones in the house, but also for the older ones. Being able to enjoy the beloved Mario in his Lego version is always amazing.

This is a clear example of the degree of popularity and attractiveness that this character has achieved. Not only is it present in our own games, but brands like Lego have also entered into collaborations to introduce it in their fantastic construction games. Within the app you will find 3D construction instructions for all your sets, ensuring that they are really simple to build, something basic for the enjoyment of the smallest of the house. You will also be able to keep a record of coins after completing a level in the real world, that is, the integration of the game or application with the real world is total.

LEGO® Super Mario™ LEGO® Super Mario™ Descargar QR-Code LEGO® Super Mario™ Developer: LEGO

Best Super Mario Imitations on the App Store

Unfortunately, those games shown above are the only official Super Mario games created by Nintendo, however there are other titles for iPhone and iPad that recover a good part of the essence of the classics. Some of them may seem like blatant copies, although they don't have the same name and there are different details, but they are also extremely addictive. However, not all of them have graphics and functionalities as powerful as those shown above, but if you are a fan of the saga you will like it at least to try them. Below we show you which are in our opinion the most interesting.

Lep's World (1, 2 and 3)

In this case we find a version of Mario Run, but much closer to the classic version of the video game in which you can have many more movement controls. The scenarios are very reminiscent of the original games, you also have the possibility of collecting coins and you can even eat mushrooms with which you can get bigger and better resist the blows of the enemies.

The similarities of this game with the mythical Mario Run are obvious, but far from being a negative point, it guarantees you that fun that is really what you are looking for in a title like this. It has 160 levels, so you'll have more than enough to spend hours and hours glued to the screen trying to overcome each and every one of them. In addition, they are divided into 6 different worlds where you will meet 9 enemies that you will have to defeat.

Beautiful Beautiful Descargar QR-Code Lep's World - Jumping Game Developer: nerByte GmbH Beautiful Beautiful Descargar QR-Code Lep's World 2 Plus Developer: nerByte GmbH Beautiful Beautiful Descargar QR-Code Lep's World 3: Running Game Developer: nerByte GmbH

New Super Adventure

New Super Adventure

This is one of the games in which, at first, we can completely confuse ourselves with one of the official games, since both the appearance and clothing of the main character are strongly reminiscent of Super Mario. We also find similarities in mechanics, with the same classic style of platforms in which there is even an appearance of the famous green tubes, which you already know can contain a secret room or a fearsome carnivorous plant.

In this case, our character is Sboy, who is immersed in the world of the super jungle, where he must crush the enemies to avoid all their threats. You'll have to run as fast as you can while collecting as many coins as possible. Also, how could it be otherwise, you will have to fight with 9 bosses in 5 different worlds. These 5 worlds have 100 completely free levels.

New Super Adventure New Super Adventure Descargar QR-Code New Super Adventure Developer: virgin

Super Miner Run Adventure

Super Miner Run Adventure

Perhaps the main downside of this title is that it is in English, but we honestly ask ourselves: is it necessary to translate something so well known? We think not, since in the end the mechanics of this game are still the same as the previous two, with a protagonist who imitates the adventures of Super Mario in a hilarious platform game in which you must go through all the castles of the evil enemy in order to free your beloved. The graphics again aren't the best, but that won't make the entertainment non-existent.

It has 32 different levels where you will find different challenges that you will have to complete and overcome to be the king of a game that is really similar to the mythical Mario Bros. games. The graphics, animations and sound effects are very well done so the experience of playing this title will surely be satisfactory in all cases and in all senses.

Super Miner Run Adventure Super Miner Run Adventure Descargar QR-Code Super Miner Run Adventure Developer: Tran Thi Giang Jungle Man Adventure on Island Jungle Man Adventure on Island Descargar QR-Code Jungle Man Adventure on Island Developer: Tran Thi Giang

Super World Adventures

super world adventures

This is a slightly different adaptation as you will not see any plumber in this game, but a lumberjack who is after a boar that has taken his food. It's just like the Mario games, since you'll have to jump and dodge different animals that you'll see in the forest.

It has 36 levels that are divided into 6 different environments, in which you will find 12 different bosses to challenge to get to the boar. During these levels you will have more than 100 compensation items. You will have acorns to throw at your enemies and be able to get rid of them. This game is a very good variant of the well-known Mario games. It has a cost of 1.59.

What are our favorites?

From the original Mario games, the favorite is undoubtedly Mario Kart Tour . Everyone has played this game on a console, and doing it from your mobile or iPad is wonderful. Thanks to its real-time game option, you can race against your friends and show them that you are the king of racing. It has the usual characters, so you can choose from a wide variety of classic Mario characters. A classic of the Nintendo consoles, which has been able to transform and reinvent itself to achieve a good adoption of the devices that are most used today.

If we focus on imitations, Lep’s World It is one of the best options. Its three versions are very complete, they have very good graphics and you will really enjoy playing this game with your iPad or iPhone. Thanks to its large number of levels you will have entertainment for a long time, and its way of playing is very similar to classic Mario. It is a very good option if what you are looking for is the classic Mario game in which you were jumping and dodging the attacks of your enemies.